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        Yin-Yang, labeled The Quarrel, is a recommended character created and voiced by Marco Bonomo (aka BFDIdubita23), who is a male contestant in Inanimate Insanity II. He was placed on The Bright Lights.

Official Site Bio

Yin-Yang has two personalities! The white half, Yin, is a very reasonable individual who thinks things through before he takes actions, and doesn't want to argue or fight with anyone, The black half, Yang, likes to cause trouble and havoc no matter what the consequences are. Because they are connected together, they argue with themselves.


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Elimination and Fan Reactions

Yin-Yang became popular with fans after the episode, Tri Your Best, which was nicknamed "Yin-Yang's Episode" by the fans.

Many fans, however, got very upset with Yin-Yang  after they ate Dough in A Kick in the Right Direction. Many fans then proceeded to vote out Yin-Yang for this, and they were then voted out in the following episode.

Soon after this event, many of the fans who voted for Yin-Yang, soon regretted this decision, and the fans of Yin-Yang who didn't vote them were enraged.

Many fans theorised that Adam animated that scene to teach the fans about the consequences of voting someone out without a real reason.

And so, Yin-Yang then became one of the most, if not the most praised fan-favorite contestants on the show and many fans of the show miss him and hope to have them back on the show some day.

Voice Actors

  • Marco Bonomo (UK/US), (Italy)


  • Yin-Yang is similar to Paper, as the two have different personalities, one being evil and the other being nice, but the difference this time is that, Yin-Yang's personalities are both seen on the outside at the same time.
    • He also starts with his evil personality in the beginning, unlike Paper.
  • Yin has a slight Italian accent.
    • This is because his voice actor is Italian, as he does Italian dubs of BFDI and Inanimate Insanity on his channel.
    • Coincidentally, Yin-Yang was the only contestant who is voiced by an European voice actor.
  • He is the only character who isn't a specific object, but rather a symbol.
    • He was never revealed on what he's made of.
  • At this time, it is virtually impossible for Yin-Yang to be faking his two personalities. This is because in episode 3, Test Tube managed to separate both of them apart.
  • Yin-Yang is the only main character on Inanimate Insanity that's black. 8-Ball is a recommended character that's black.
    • However, Yin-Yang is the first competing character to use white-colored eyes, due to 8-Ball only being a recommended character, who had a chance to compete, but lost the challenge, and therefore didn't enter the competition.
    • The Yin-Yang symbol has a white side that's evil and a black side that's good but they were switched when he first debuted, but there's a character on Object Oppose that's the correct version of Yin-Yang.
  • Yin-Yang has the fifth most votes out of any contestant on an Object Show. Only Soap (2663), Cheesy (2605), Trophy (1945) and Apple (2045) have more votes than him.
  • Yang claims to be gluten free, but he ate Paintbrush's pizza and Dough, so he could have been lying.
  • Yin-Yang has heterochromia iridium, a biological disorder where one person has two different colored eyes. On the Yin-Yang symbol the white spot on the black area represents the "good" in the "bad", and the black spot on the white area represents the "bad" in the "good".
  • Yin-Yang's the first and only season two newbie to appear in Enanimat Ensanetay.
  • Yin is male instead of female, as opposed to the real life Yin-Yang gender presentation.
  • Because Box can't talk, Yin-Yang is the last newbie to speak.


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