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Name Window
Gender Male ♂
Allies MePhone4, Gamey, Puffball Speaker Box
Enemies Suitcase (one-sided, his side)
Occupation Pizza Judge

Host of Object Universe and Object Twoniverse

Color Red frame, Blue Glass
Introduced in Cooking For The Grater Good
Voiced by Samuel Thornbury

Window is the host of Object Universe, and it's second season, Object Twoniverse, who made a cameo as a guest star in Cooking for the Grater Good.


Window's basic design concludes of a brick red frame and a transparent blue glass panel.


Window appears alongside Gamey and Puffball Speaker Box in Cooking for the Grater Good as guest judges for the pizza contest. After taking one bite of the Grand Slams' pizza, he immediately spit it out and called it terrible. He gives the pizza a score of 2, despising Suitcase for ruining everything. Once it came to the Bright Lights, all three judges, including Window, thoroughly enjoyed Lightbulb's Cookie Pizza. Window happily gave the pizza a score of 10. After the Grand Slams lost, Cheesy jokingly poured a bucket of water on the judges, causing everyone besides Window to short out, who happily boasts how he is not electric, only to be hit in the face by a hammer. Later at the end of the episode, Window invites Gamey and PBSB to carpool his car "for no apparent reason".


  • Window is the second character to be voiced by Sam Thornbury, the other being Suitcase.
    • Ironically, Window mentions how much he despises Suitcase.
  • Interestingly, Window's car "for no apparent reason" actually belongs to Disco Ball, a contestant on Object Universe.


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