My name is Tyler!

—Tyler Bungard, in Double Digit Desert

        Tyler Bungard is a quicksand monster who lives in the Cacti Desert. He debuted in Double Digit Desert, being called "the most terrifying thing in living existence" by MePhone4.


Inanimate Insanity


Tyler using a large bendy straw.

In Double Digit Desert, OJ and Bomb encounter him during the crossing the border challenge. Tyler appeared first drinking the quicksand through a bendy straw and announcing his name was Tyler. OJ asked for his last name, which Tyler shouted out "Bungard!", scaring OJ and Bomb off.

OJ confronts Tyler.

In Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 2), Tyler appears a second time once Taco comes across him at the end of the Episode 10 desert challenge. He tells her that in order to pass, she must answer a riddle. A moment passes, and Taco decides to kick Tyler out of the way and continue on. When OJ encounters him, he is seen bandaged from the earlier kick.

OJ takes a moment to think, and then answers with Wal-Mart, as it apparently does has everything, which Tyler agrees with. Tyler later appears after OJ's speech, as OJ says there is nothing more valuable than friendship but is nudged by Tyler, making him add "other than Wal-Mart".