Inanimate Insanity II

In Breaking The Ice, Tissues first appeared amongst the Season 2 newbies, who have fallen out of the airplane. During some socializing, Tissues constant sickening sneezes are debuted when he sneezes on Trophy. Before the first challenge begins, Tissues also displayed a tendency to take things literally, as after a pun by Trophy about his middle name being "horseplay", Tissues believed this is true, and even calls him "Trophy Horseplay" during the challenge, when he attempted to form an alliance with Trophy. He failed horribly at this, and Trophy immediately kicked him into the water. After the challenge, Tissues was placed on The Bright Lights. When the next challenge was revealed to be dodge-ball, Tissues expressed his displeasure as he was "tired" and referenced his condishawn, before sneezing yet again, this time on Soap. Tissues did not participate as much as others in the competition, not seen to throw as single ball on screen. His team ended up losing, and were put up for elimination.


Tissues' condiShAWn.

In Marsh on Mars, he was seen at the elimination, sitting on a bench with the others. He didn't look particularly worried when it was declared he was in the bottom three, but was annoyed when MePhone4 called him disgusting. When he had 700 votes, leading to him getting eliminated. He was shocked when realizing lots of people voted for him, and was confused once MePhone4 mentioned the Rejection Portal, to which MePhone4 responded by angrily telling him to go inside it. He then reminds them about his condishawn and quickly sneezes, flinging himself into the portal.

In A Kick in the Right Direction, Tissues appears on MePhone4's MeLife recovery app.

In Everything's A-OJ, Tissues fell out of the closet with the rest of the eliminated contestants. The inside was covered with snot, implying he sneezed a lot while locked up. Tissues sneezed on MePhone4, causing him to get the condishawn. He was then put through the Rejection Portal where he came out in Hotel OJ. He then sneezed on Apple.