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Sorry, it's my condiShAWn

Breaking The Ice



Box of Tissues


Male ♂




Turquoise (Box) and White (Tissues)

Professional Status
  • Contestant
Episode Eliminated
Personal Status


  • 20th

"Breaking The Ice"

Latest Appearance

"Inanimate Insanity II T-Shirt Anniversary"

Voice Actor

Taylor Grodin

Tissues, labeled The Allergic Reaction, is a male contestant in Inanimate Insanity II. He is placed on Team Bright Lights.


Tissues is a very debilitated ill character. He apparently became infected with a disease, called a "condiShAWn" (self-proclaimed). Due to this condition, he cannot control his sneezing, and is constantly feeble. These sneezes are powerful enough to launch him into the air, and even travel several feets away from his current position. Disregarding his sickness, Tissues appears to be a considerate and kind player, but quite sluggish, veracious, and slightly apathetic.


Click here to view the coverage of Tissues.

Voice Actors

  • Taylor Grodin (US/UK/AU/CAN)
  • Diegoeagle621 (Italy)

Official Site Bio

​"Something is terribly wrong with Tissues. Right from the start, Tissues has been severely ill with his condiShAWn, causing him to rapidly sneeze uncontrollably. This has lead him to be sadly neglected from the rest of the cast."


  • Tissues is the third character to be a shade of green, the other two being Pickle and Test Tube.
    • He also happens to be the only contestant to be a shade of blue.
  • Tissues is the only character to have a lisp, as his "S"s turn to "th"s.
  • In Tissues' site bio, "condition" is specifically spelled "condiShAWn", referencing his way of saying it.
  • Tissues is the only new contestant to be voiced by Taylor.
  • Tissues is the only character to display an illness, excluding OJ feeling sick when he has no orange juice.
  • Tissues has never smiled, until he introduced the viewers to the Inanimate Insanity Store.
  • Tissues is a Tissue Box, which coincidentally is thought to be his alternative name
  • Tissues is the first contestant and also the first male to ever be eliminated in season 2.
  • Some people found out that he was eliminated before the actual episode due to a glitch on the website.
  • As stated in the Inanimate Insanity Secrets video,Tissues is actually based off of someone Adam and Taylor knew. However, they did not give out the name of whom.
  • Tissues is the lowest ranking contestant in Inanimate Insanity history, due to Paper rejoining later in Season 1, and competing in 8 episodes, in comparison to Tissues' 2 episodes.
  • Tissues has a lisp, pronouncing "guys" as "gwuyth", and "condition" as "condyshawn", due to his infection.
  • He makes a cameo in Episode 1 of Object Havoc, along with Trophy.
  • Tissues sneezed on MePhone4 in Episode 7, and MePhone4 apparently got very sick as a result the following episode this shows that your condiShAwn is contagious.
  • There was a character named "Tissue" in Object Overload, but didn't have an "s" at the end of his name, and was also armless, while being a crumbled up tissue instead of a box of tissues.
  • Tissues is the second character to be a box, the other being Box.
  • Tissues is known to be the second person that makes odd faces, the first being Bomb.
  • According to an Inanimate Insanity coverage page, Apple and Tissues' votes were mixed up, so Tissues will most likely rejoin.


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