The Beginning

All: It's The Taco Show!


*The Taco Show was filmed in front of an animated audience. If you have a problem with this, we don't care*

Taco: Hey Everybody! My name is Taco! and I won't let you know, that my #1 Wish, and dream! Is that I was some sort of underwater sea animal, that lives on land, with waterproof fur. Anyway... And I'm here to interview my bud, OG!

OJ: It's OJ!

Taco: OM Drizzels!? OJ Simpson?!? OH MY GOD!.! I like hate you.

OJ: No, I'm the other OJ, not OJ Simpson.

Taco: Ok, well, Oscar Jones!

OJ: Who the hell is Oscar Jones?!?

Taco: I DUNNO!!..!! Now, Omar!

OJ: It's OJ!!

Taco: First Question. What substance do you hold In that ugly glass of yours??

OJ: Ugh... It's Orange Juice you moron!

Taco: No it's not, We' changin' into Kool-Aid!!!

OJ: Wait, WHAT?!?

*SCREAM!.! Oh Yeah!!*

CJ: EEWW!.! This is so gross!.! What flavor is THIS!?!

Taco: It's, ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-chERRY!

CJ: EEEEEWWWWW!!!!!.....!!!!!

Taco: Now, Ophelia,

OJ: It's OJ!

Taco: What would you rather do? Eat raccoon feces? Or make out with Rebecca Black?

OJ: Neither! Both are disgusting!

Taco: Sorry darling! You must choose! Or we will dump this this Large Bucket of Strange Warm Yellow Liquid onto yo' head!

OJ: What Liquid is it?!

Taco: I don't know. We found it on the street. Now choose!

OJ: Neither! No! Get away from me! I will not be threatened by Mexican food! AAAAAHHH!

Taco: Well, It appears our time is up! Because I can't count to five! Thanks for watching! And here's a fun fact of the day! And I'm WINNING!!! And that's all love you back!!!

The End

The end! What do you like to put on your tacos? Leave your answer in the comment section below!