On April 21, 2011, a spinoff of Inanimate Insanity was released called The Taco Show, featuring Taco from Inanimate Insanity.

Taco sits on a red chair while she interviews one of the characters from Inanimate Insanity. She will annoy them with random words, puns and humorous violence. (ex: threatening to dump "Strange Warm Yellow Liquid" on OJ) She will end the show with a question for the viewers, and the viewers will ask questions for Taco herself to answer in a upcoming segment on The Taco Show. The show has only had two episodes, and it is unknown if a third episode will ever be shown.

Episode 1: The Juicy Interview

Taco's first interviewer was OJ . Taco constantly called him "OG" and other names starting with the letter "O" instead of his real name. She also compares him to OJ Simpson. Later, she dumps Cherry Kool Aid into his glass turning him red. After being grossed out, she asks him if he'd rather eat raccoon feces or make out with Rebecca Black. OJ refuses to answer. She then threatens him to answer or she would pour a "strange warm yellow liquid" on him. He then runs away in fear, stating firmly that he would not be threatened by Mexican food, which ends the show.

Question: What do you like to put on your tacos?

Transcript is shown here!

Episode 2: 4000 Subscribers

4000 subscribers is 2nd episode of The Taco Show. It starts off with some text, thanking the viewers and suscribers for keeping AnimationEpic to 4,000 suscribers, it shows a picture of the cast underneath the words 4000 suscribers. Taco introduces herself and she begins to answer questions sent in by the viewers.


  • The chairs represent the Blues Clues thinking chair.
  • GOOF: In The Juicy Interview, OJ's juice constantly changes colors from orange to tangerine.
  • The outro references Annoying Orange.
  • OJ says "Hell" in the video.
  • OJ screams like a girl.


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