The Beginning

Baseball: Hey Nickel! How's it going?

Nickel: Eh, It's going pretty good. Thanks for asking!

Baseball: I mean it's going okay, but Taco keeps saying random words, and it's starting to annoy me.


Nickel: OH MY GOD! Why is Taco always SO annoying?

Pickle and Taco

Taco: HWAAHAAH!! Hey Pickle! Did you know that 40,000 Americanns, are injured by toilets each yeeeeeeeeear?

Pickle: *SNORT!*

Pickle: You're funny! Who are you?

Taco: I'm the one. THE ONLY!

Pickle: The one and only what?

Taco: You tell me because, I forgot!

She Forgot

Nickel Pickle and Taco: Ooooooooooooh She Forgot 3x She Forgooooo 2x She Forgoooooooooooooot!

Unknown (presumably Baseball): Guys!

Second Unknown (presumably Adam): Inanimate Insanity. Coming whenever I feel like it.

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