The Island is the location in which Inanimate Insanity takes place. The exact location of the island is unknown, it is unclear if it is even on Earth, or on a different planet. The island is also a 'N' shape. It may be somewhere near the arctic, because of it having a glacier near it.


The island appears to be in a northern climate, as it snows in the winter. Though appearing mildly un-populated, the island appears with many geological features, such as a large cliff, trees, gorges, deserts, and lakes.

The island's entirety and shape has never been shown, however, in Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 1), a map simplifying the major locations of the island was displayed, possibly stating that the island is shaped almost "C" shaped, due to a large indent, which almost halves the island. (shown above; note: the map ignores bodies of water)

In Inanimate Insanity II, after OJ used his prize money to built a hotel, The Island now also contains Hotel OJ, unless the setting was changed. If the setting does not change, The Island is also home to Hotel OJ and Purgatory Mansion.

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