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Test Tube's Laboratory is an underground laboratory owned by Test Tube underneath a Soda Machine. It made its first appearance in Tri Your Best.


Tri Your Best

1st science rule broken

Yin-Yang breaking the first science rule.

It was discovered by Yin-Yang, after their repetivie presses on the "Water" and "Dr. Fizz" buttons in the Soda Machine, located on the ground level. After pressing them interleaved for 10 times, a tube appeared outside of the Soda Machine, sucking them in.
Lab's roof destroyed


There, it was revealed to be Test Tube's secret laboratory, the place where Test Tube create her inventions and experiments, including the Bow-in-nator, and Experiment 626, a liquid that helps seperate Yin-Yang from each other. After the separation, Yang jumped out of the lab, leaving a hole in the lab's roof

Inanimate Insanity II T-Shirt Anniversary

The lab appears once again in this 1 million views anniversary video. In the lab, there are now new devices, the View Counter. It is used to counts the views on all episodes, if not just Tri Your Best and Breaking The Ice. Apperently, if one counter reaches 1 million, its capacity will be closer to the maximum count and will starts to malfunction. Viewing the distressed scene was everyone that was competing in Season 2, but Tissues, Box and Yin-Yang[1].
VC malfunctioning

The view counter reaches a million.

When the first counter, for the episode Tri Your Best reaches a million, everyone in the labs started to panicked. While Fan and Paintbrush was discussing for an idea to stop the viewers from watching their videos before another counter reaches a million, shortly after, the second counter, for Breaking The Ice reaches that amount of views. The scene suddenly changes to the Soda Machine on the ground level, with a muffled explosion sound. It is unknown if the lab actually exploded, or the video and the scene itself was non-canon.




  1. The three weren't present so that later in the video, the clip where they are advertising for the II shop in the T-shirt anniversary video would make more sense.

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