"If I was not attached to Taco and Balloon, I wouldn't do anything wrong!."

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This article focuses on the interactions between Balloon and Taco.

Balloon has always hated Taco from the moment she joined Team Chickenleg, although Taco is not sometimes aware of Balloon's hate towards her.

Episodes Suggesting a Conflict (All)

Ep2 Balloon yells at Taco

In A Lemony Lesson, Pickle suggested to Balloon that he chooses Taco, but Balloon disagrees, but Taco joins anyways. Taco ends up choosing the team name by shouting "chickenleg", angering Balloon. Later, Balloon kicks Taco into a lemon tree to use her to their advantage, and calls her useless. Towards the end of the challenge, Balloon and Taco were in the tree, when Balloon yelled at Taco that the team's impending loss was all her fault and that she sucked. He kicked her again, causing her to barf up lemons, knocking Balloon away.

In One-Shot Wonder, Balloon was flying slowly in the air to the end of the gorge when Pickle offered to help Taco across, she replied "Fat cakes!", to which Pickle said "Yes Taco, Balloon is fat." which angered Balloon. Pickle shot Taco across, who popped Balloon in mid-air as he was just about to make it.

In Sugar Rush, Taco voted for Balloon with Pickle, once again saying "Fat cakes!", and the rest of Team Chickenleg. Balloon was later eliminated.

In The Penultimate Poll, Balloon voted for Taco to be eliminated, and was later popped by Pickle for doing so.

In Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 1), Balloon sits in the bleachers for OJ, but only because of his major hatred towards Taco.

In Everything's A-OJ, Balloon yells at Pickle, saying that Taco was nothing but "trouble".

In Rain On Your Charade, Balloon's note says that he still hates Taco.