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You have so much to gain.

Rain On Your Charade



Taco, labeled The Randomly Insane One (until Journey Through Memory Lane Part 2), is a former female contestant and the runner-up of Inanimate Insanity. She was a member on Team Chickenleg.


NB Taco

Taco's Old Design

Taco was renown for her silly random personality, from blurting out strange words, to spitting lemons. She has a self-proclaimed IQ of 7. Taco sometimes appeared to be almost completely oblivious to all conflicts, as she occasionally was seen with an odd sideways smile on her face (similar to Rocky from the BFDI franchise). Her randomness and insanity could vary from time to time, as at times, she seemed to be quite intelligent, but quickly reverted back to her regular, insane self. She apparently does have arms, but they are mostly hidden at times. Taco appeared to be nearly oblivious to all conflicts, as she mostly appeared with an odd smile on her face. She has been said to speak French, though never saying a French word at all.

It was revealed in Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 2) that Taco was actually really fast and agile, contrary to her strange acts in the past episodes, and she was only pretending to be stupid so she wouldn't be seen as a threat and also to gain viewer support.


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Pickle cares a lot for Taco, and is willing to do anything for their friendship. Taco returns the favor by working with him in most of the challenges, such as the challenge to find a coin in "Aquatic Conflict", the challenge to catch the eliminated contestants in "The Great Escape", and the challenge to walk across the tiles in "The Tile Divide". However, in "Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 2)", their friendship ends by Taco revealing her evil plan to get her into the final 2. When Pickle asks why she tried to make it far by acting weird, she interrupts by saying that he doesn't understand. In "Breaking The Ice", Knife finds a letter from Taco, and Pickle says he doesn't need her "pity" and tells Knife to throw the letter into Apple's fire.


OJ likes Taco similarly to Pickle, but his like for her is slightly bigger than Pickle's. First of all, OJ let Taco and Paper into his alliance in "Aquatic Conflict" as a replacement for Bomb, and felt bummer for her loss in "Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 1)". However, in "Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 2)", OJ got annoyed of Taco's agility, and later finds out about her evil plan to completion. OJ was enemies with Taco ever since.


Bow never interacted with Taco much, but in "Inanimate Smackdown", Taco beats Bow in the boxing contest, and Bow looks at Taco in anger. In "Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 2)", the insane Bow attacks Taco and once everyone finds out about her secret plan, Taco blames Bow for the failure.


Due to his early elimination, Knife and Taco very rarely interacted. In "Breaking The Ice", Knife finds a note from Taco, and Pickle tells him to throw it in the fire Apple made.


  • Happy Taco-0

    Taco's Episode 1-2 Para

    Running Gag: Taco has said her trademark line: "Sour cream!" in almost every episode.
  • Running Gag: Taco has barfed lemons in Episodes 2, 3, 8, 11, and 13. She lost this ability in episode 14, but shot one last lemon in Episode 18.
  • Taco's lemon-barfing habit is a reference to Rocky's constant barfing of vomit and other objects from Battle for Dream Island.
  • Taco has been said to only speak French and some other words, however, she has spoken English a numerous amount of times, and has never said a French word, hinting to her being evil.
  • Taco has been called "useless", when she has actually won challenges in episodes 2~4, 8, 13, and 14 (not including when Team Chickenleg won without her help), similar to how Harold from Total Drama was underestimated by his team even though he helped them winning some challenges due to his skills.
  • Taco speaks with a British accent.
  • Taco was originally the smallest character, but became the second smallest once Bow joined.
  • Taco is the only character who was thought to be armless, but possesed arms all along.
  • Taco is the only contestant in Inanimate Insanity to be featured in all of the episodes.
    • Taco is also one of few characters to have spoken in almost every episode, along with MePhone4.
  • Taco is the highest ranking female competitor.
  • Taco is the only female in The Stupid Trailer.
  • Taco and Balloon are tied for being the most hated character on the show by the contestants, having no allies and only making enemies out of everyone.
    • This is because of her revelation in the finale of her evil plan.
  • In The Tile Divide, Taco became the last female contestant after Bow's elimination.
    • Coincidentally, in BFDI, Firey became the last male contestant after Spongy's second elimination.
  • Taco is one of the only two contestants to have never gone to Idiotic Island. The other one is OJ.
  • Taco returned in Rain On Your Charade, with a brand new design.
  • Even though Taco, as a character, is female; she has only ever been voiced by a female individual (Adam Katz's sister) in one episode (Episode 1, Season 1). On all other occasions Taco has been voiced by non-female inidividuals (I.e Adam Katz and Aceland Alexander Kent) 
  • Taco is the only II character to be shown in Ten Words of Wisdom, in a confessional in episode 20A. 
  • Her interaction towards Microphone is pretty similar to that of Chef Hatchet towards DJ in Total Drama Action, as Taco helps Microphone to win the season in exchange for a share of the prize, and the same with Chef Hatchet helping DJ.
    • Coincidentally, both of the aforementioned interactions happened in the second season of their respective shows.


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