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I know, bad joke. See, I've never been the quipping type.

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[[File:Suitcase Idle2016|250x415px]]

Classic Hand Luggage


Female ♀




Light Brown and Gold (Straps)

Professional Status
  • Contestant
Episode Eliminated
  • TBA
Personal Status





"Breaking The Ice"

Voice Actor

Samuel Thornbury

Suitcase, labelled The Basket Case, is a female contestant on Inanimate Insanity II. She is placed on The Grand Slams


Suitcase is a passive, yet submissive individual. She tries her best to avoids conflict and tends to be a huge pushover, despite this people make take advantage of her gentle demeanour.

Following her peaceful and passive traits, she’s also very gentle and tender towards everyone around her. Though she’s very meek and because of this, she often feels pressured by other people. One of her habits is keeping her feelings to herself and hides them from everyone. She’s also one of the most kindest characters in the show, trying to help others whenever she can and is always giving emotional support towards Balloon, who’s trying his best to redeem himself.

As stated above, she can be meek and while of that, she’s also a very reserved individual and tends to hide her emotions. This also makes her quiet sometimes, indicating that she only talks when necessary (this makes her introverted as well). She doesn’t seem to enjoy the company of most people and is usually seen alone. Although in Let 'Er R.I.P. , the fact that she was happy when they decided to go together can contradict the fact that she's introverted (though probably the reason that she said yay, is because she’s scared and doesn’t have the courage to go alone). There are some instances that may clarify her as an ambivert as well, although it was never confirmed whether or not she was one.

Though are episodes go by, Suitcase starts to feel a little paranoid and tends to feel depressed a lot more often. The more deeper they go into her character, the more gloomy, mysterious, cold and distant she becomes. Her relationships with other contestants like Nickel start to fall apart, because of her known paranoia.


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Voice Actor

  • Samuel Thornbury (US/UK/AU/CAN)
  • Diegoeagle621 (Italy)


  • Suitcase is the only armless female on Inanimate Insanity II and the whole Inanimate Insanity franchise, as Taco, which was seen at first without arms, revealed her arms in Aquatic Conflict.
  • Suitcase got the least amount of votes in one elimination, which is 48 votes.
  • Suitcase is similar to Ice Cube from BFDI for many reasons:
    • Ice Cube and Suitcase have both wanted to join an alliance.
    • Both of the two are push-overs.
    • They are both females.
    • They are armless.
    • They have competed in the second season of their respective series.
  • Suitcase is the first female to join an alliance in Inanimate Insanity II
    • Suitcase is also the only female in her alliance, and the second female in the entire series to be in one, the first being Taco.
  • She is one of the 11 newbies who competed and made their debut on Inanimate Insanity II, with the others being, Fan, Cheesy, Microphone, Tissues, Trophy, Cherries, Soap, Box, Test Tube and Yin-Yang.
  • She made a cameo in Object Universe - Episode 9: "Revived Rivals", where she revived all the previously killed contestants.
    • This is referenced when in Cooking for the Grater Good, when Window, OU's host, says "Suitcases ruin everything. I despise her!"
  • Suitcase's design was created with the help of Michael Huang, the creator of Battle for Dream Island and Battle for Dream Island Again.
  • Until Theft and Battery, Suitcase was the highest ranking competitor in the game and her team.
  • Suitcase is the only female contestant on Grand Slams to be voiced by a male.
  • Suitcase is one of two contestants to have been eliminated unfairly and rejoin, the other being Lightbulb. (She was eliminated by OJ in episode 7 but rejoined after MePhone4 was released from prison.)
    • This makes her the only season 2 newbie to accomplish this feat so far.
  • Suitcase is the only cast member to have a neutral look in the II 2 intro, which involves her having normal eyes and a netural mouth.
  • So far, she, along with Microphone, Test Tube, Paintbrush, (If he/she is a her,) and Lightbulb are the only females still in the running.
  • Coincidently, she is one of the 4 newbies that are still in, even though half the newbies have been eliminated.
  • Suitcase is possibly going to last to the Top 10 due to Fan's pattern.
  • As of A Kick In The Right Direction, Suitcase is the fifth female character in the entire Inanimate Insanity franchise whose voice doesn't fit with her gender. The first one was Taco (on Season 1), the second was Apple, the third was Test Tube and the fourth was Lightbulb.


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