♫ Cleaning's my life and when I'm feeling down, scrubbing the floors always removes a frown! ♫

Keep On Cleaning, Everything's A-OJ


        Soap, labeled The Neat Freak, is a female contestant in Inanimate Insanity II. She was placed on Team Grand Slams.


Soap is an extreme germaphobe, and wants to keep everything clean, no matter what. She is very scared when coming into contact with germs, and when knowing something is dirty, she expresses her concern of getting a disease. She carries along a small cloth with her, which she uses to scrub and wipe things, even if they are already somewhat clean. Aside from this, Soap is generally kind and willing to help her team, though she will always put cleanliness first. In later episodes, Soap became more abrasive towards her teammates and others, as shown in Theft and Battery, in which she throws Toilet out of her team's balloon, but she ends up regretting this once she is eliminated.

There is a beta version as mentioned in the Secrets of Inanimate Insanity youtube video, but was cut off the object show because Katz thought that was a misleading and borderline confusing version of a beta version of Cheesy but pink. She was rectangular-shaped in the version, like that of a soap bar.


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Official Site Bio

"Soap is a huge germophobe and 'neat-freak.' If something isn't perfectly clean, she will scrub for hours until she knows bacteria aren't anywhere near her. She's very sweet and down-to-earth but this mental instability definitely negatively impacts her life."

Voice Actors

  • Kacie Chapman (US/UK/AU/CAN)
  • Giulia (Italy)


  • Soap is confirmed to have OCD on Adam Katz AMA - Answers Part 2 (July 2016), making her the first Inanimate Insanity character to ever have a mental disorder.
    Soap is OCD Confirmed
  • As revealed on Inanimate Insanity's Facebook page, Soap was originally going to be a bar of soap.
  • Soap is one of the few characters to be sneezed on by Tissues, along with Trophy, Yin-Yang, Apple, OJ, and MePhone4.
  • Soap has shown to like and have the ability to sing in episode 7, when she sang Keep On Cleaning. She also has a different voice actor for singing.
  • Baseball let Soap be the captain for the episode 4 challenge. On episode 7, Microphone nominated Soap for team captain, much to Baseball's dislike.
  • She is the only one to get fewer votes in Theft and Battery than A Kick in the Right Direction.
  • Soap is the only new female character to be eliminated, and the second female eliminated in season 2.
  • Soap is the first contestant to walk into the Rejection Portal.


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