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"We signed a no spoiler contract!"

The following information may contain spoilers for Inanimate Insanity II. Please read at your own risk.

Inanimate Insanity II Episode 1: "Breaking The Ice" explained many unrevealed occurrences in Season 1, as well as bridging the plot hole between seasons.


  • OJ bought a hotel, labeled fittingly "Hotel OJ". It is located near orange trees, a sidewalk, and mountains similar to those in the Mushroom Kingdom from the Mario series. It might even be away from the island that Season 1 took place on, but this is not confirmed.
  • Inside, OJ hosted a big party inviting all Season 1 contestants except for Taco due to her absence, Bow due to her death, and Balloon due to the fact that everyone hates him.
  • Paper and OJ tore Apple away from Idiotic Island 2.
  • Apple and Marshmallow are still enemies and Balloon still hates OJ.
  • Salt and Pepper have rejoined together as BCFFs, Bomb trusts OJ since he jumped into OJ's arm when he was scared, and MePhone4 still hates Bow.
  • Adam gave MePhone4 a new assistant, Toilet.
  • Bow legitimately died by electrocution in the finale last season.
  • Balloon decides to say "actual stuff" again since he joined Season 2. This refrences to him having to re-use his lines after the previous voice actor was fired.
  • MePhone4 doesn't allow contestants to quit.
  • Apple is still "definitionally challenged."
  • If a contestant dies, MePhone4 simply presses a button on himself to regenerate them. It is assumed that MePhone4 regenerated the contestants off-screen throughout Season 1. Note that he can not regenerate Bow.
  • According to Toilet, Adam gives the staff lunch breaks.
  • MePhone4 encourages violence during challenges.
  • Baseball is still sensitive about his weight.
  • Baseball and Nickel are still agitated by their lack of arms.
  • Voting now takes place at official website instead of the comments.
  • There are new voice actors.
  • Lightbulb has either read or watched TROOS (The Rules Of Object Shows) As she follows them a lot.
  • Paintbrush's gender is still a mystery.
  • Cheesy was revealed to be alive, as after getting run over by MePhone4S, he hadn't been seen until now.
  • Fan has more of an obsessive personality and likes II even more.
  • Lightbulb still has the habit of saying OMGA, which supports her wacky attitude.