The current Sandbox manager is Meester Tweester. If you have any questions or suggestions, please notify him in the comments section or his message wall. This page will be cleared periodically, so any edits made here are not permanent. Only the Sandbox Manager and admins are allowed to edit the content not in The Editing Sandbox. Normal users will edit in The Editing Sandbox below. Modifying content above is discouraged, but not punished if stopped immediately.

This article is the sandbox. Sandboxes are used for drawing and building in the sand, and then the creations can be easily torn down to a flat layer of sand.

Similarly, this page is used for editing testing so other pages like articles and user pages don't look weird if you mess something up with the code. After every week or so, all the content on the sandbox will be deleted so that other users can work with a clear, blank page instead of a garbage heap of code.

This page is purely for editing purposes. Feel free to explore any editing mysteries and skills that you have not mastered yet. These newly found skills can be applied to other pages, and will make you as an editor and Inanimate Insanity Wiki better and stronger. Even though this page contains no raw content, it should not be a candidate for deletion, as this page is vital to amateur editors.

It should be noted that any attempts to gain achievement badges through mass spamming on this page might results in a block.

The Editing Sandbox

this is a header test

yay, it worked

'mkay I think i'm good now thanks for making this article

this is
a table
test :)

k template thing test bcuz idk how this works:

huh. weird.



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Gender {{{gender}}}
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Faction {{{faction}}}
Health {{{health}}}
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Status {{{status}}}
Location {{{location}}}