Pepper, don't, like, underestimate our powers.

Everything's A-OJ


        Salt, labeled The Drama Queen, was a female contestant on Inanimate Insanity. She was a member of Team Chickenleg.


Salt is very similar to her close friend Pepper, the two looking very similar to each other, having nearly the same voice and personality, and liking the same things. Salt is a bit different from Pepper, as she seems to be more self-centered and arrogant, rather than caring for her BCFF as much. After showing a love interest in OJ, she begins to mess up plans and not follow instructions.


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Voice Actors


  • Salt is the only contestant to have a crush on someone else.
  • Salt is the only contestant to have a friendship with another competitor before the show began.
  • Salt is the first female to be eliminated in a double elimination as Paintbrush's gender is unknown, Pickle and Paper were also eliminated in the same episode but are males.
    • This makes her the only female to be eliminated in a double elimination, if Paintbrush isn't a female.
    • Salt's frequency to say the word "Like" in her sentences is similar to Match from Battle for Dream Island.
  • Salt has had four different voice actors over the course of the series, one less than Pepper, who has had five.


Team Chickenleg
Team Chickenleg Logo

Members: Balloon (c) • PaperPickleTacoOJBowPepperBombSalt

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