This is what happens when objects die forever. Their spirit becomes trapped here in Purgatory Mansion. It's cool and all, but the cell service here sucks.


Purgatory Mansion is a large and old mansion located on the island. The spirits of Bow and Dough resided here, as well as Marshmallow and possibly Apple. It was introduced in "Let 'Er R.I.P.", and comes back in "Kick the Bucket".


Purgatory Mansion is a large gray dilapidated building surrounded by dead trees. The house contains many hallways and rooms, including a bedroom and barroom.

As described by Bow, one of the inhabitants, Purgatory Mansion is where objects' spirits go after they've perished. The spirits cannot leave the house, as Bow describes her spirit as "trapped", although they can briefly travel outside the windows.

Known Rooms

  • Foyer: The entrance hall of the mansion. In the center of the house, the foyer has a circular carpet and high ceilings with a chandelier. A painting of objects playing poker is hung on the wall which Bow interacts with. A large staircase leads up to the second floor but is used by Dough to roll down.
  • Bow's Room: A bedroom with purple wallpaper that contains a bed, table and music box. Bow hides inside the music box in order to scare Marshmallow.
  • Barroom: A large room with a bar in it, complete with glasses, Dr. Fizz, and bar chairs. A piano is also stationed in the room that Dough plays.
  • Gallery: A red room with multiple pictures hung on the wall. It's a rather dusty, as Soap spends some time clearing dust bunnies out of the room.


  • The word "purgatory" is used literally, as it is defined as "an intermediate state after death", referring to the spirits trapped in the mansion.
  • Bow's Room appears to be heavily based off of Boo's Room from Monster's Inc, complete with a butterfly door and Luxo ball.
  • Box appears in several places in the mansion.


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