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Bon appetit!

Cooking for the Grater Good


Pizza Cutter is a character who appeared in the episode Cooking For The Grater Good. He appears when MePhone4 announces that instead of a challenge, he decided to throw a pizza party, Pizza Cutter then appears, holding a pizza and walking towards the contestants, but falls in a puddle of mud. He accidentally said a French(?) line during the fall, and tried to hide it with a Spanish one, and that was when it's discovered he actually isn't Italian, he runs off, leaving the muddy pizza behind.

He makes a cameo in Everything's A-OJ, appearing in the prison that MePhone4 is sent to, possibly because of impersonating other cultures.

He also made a cameo in Mazed and Confused as one of the audience watching the Spoiled Lemon concert.

Not much is known about this object, except from the fact that he makes pizzas.


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