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        Pepper, labeled The Wannabe, was a female contestant on Inanimate Insanity. She was a member of Team Chickenleg.


Pepper's personality is almost identical to Salt. While Pepper is more caring in their relationship, Salt cares more for herself than Pepper, and actually replaces her when she is eliminated. She appears to care about doing challenges, as she asks about them frequently unless they conflict with maintaining her relationship with Salt. Pepper overall has a nice ditzy girl personality, saying things like "like" between sentences.


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Voice Actors


  • Running Gag: She and Salt say "Like" multiple times every episode.
    • This makes them similar to Match from BFDI.
  • If Lightbulb is not counted for Nickel's misspelled votes, Pepper would be the first female contestant eliminated.
  • Salt and Pepper are both spin-offs of Katie and Sadie from the Total Drama Series.
    • Pepper can be mostly related to Katie, as she was the first of the two to be eliminated.
  • Pepper was originally going to be killed in the season finale, but the idea was scrapped for unknown reasons. In the end, MePhone5, MePhone4, and Bow were killed.
  • Pepper calling Salt as "Salty-Salt" may be based on Match from BFDI calling Pencil "Pence-Pence"
  • Pepper is the lowest ranking contestant to not compete in Season 2.
    • She is also the lowest ranking female contestant in Season 1.
  • Pepper has had five different voice actors over the course of the series; the most of any contestant.
  • Of all the contestants in the show, Pepper has currently gone the longest without competing.


Team Chickenleg
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Members: Balloon (c) • PaperPickleTacoOJBowPepperBombSalt

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