This article focuses on the interactions between Paintbrush and Fan.


Paintbrush and Fan didn't really interact with each other a lot throughout the series at first, despite being on the same team.

Episodes suggesting a friendship

In A Kick in the Right Direction, Paintbrush thanks Fan for saving the ball.


In Everything's A-OJ, Paintbrush apologizes to Fan for trying to break his Alien Egg, though he doesn't accept it.

In Kick the Bucket , Fan apologizes to Paintbrush, though ignoring ​​Test Tube, holding a bucket. Paintbrush accepts Fan's apology, while getting closer to the key.

Inanimate insanity episode 7 screenshot by thetgrodz-d7c0yz7

Paintbrush and Fan arguing

Episodes suggesting a conflict

In Everything's A-OJ, Paintbrush and Fan have several arguments about how much work needed to be put in to win the challenge.

In Mazed and Confused, Paintbrush yells at Fan, saying they hate him, because the latter annoyed them by mocking Marshmallow's hyperfocusing on Apple.

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