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        Paintbrush, labeled The Unknown Gender Freak, is a contestant on Inanimate Insanity and was a member of Team Epic. They also compete in Inanimate Insanity II, and are currently a member of The Bright Lights.


Although they are a friendly, supportive and helpful contestant to many, Paintbrush can become very stubborn and obdurate if things don't go as he/she plans them. Evidently, Paintbrush is a pragmatist, and follows life along a realistic and reasonable path. They will play the game safe and enter each challenge level-headed, with the intent to win. Although they are outranked by Lightbulb's leadership, Paintbrush will take any beneficial initiative for their team, frequently coming up with plans for success.

However, Paintbrush shows little patience for nonsense and absurdity, commonly provided by Lightbulb or Fan. Paintbrush has exhibited an exceptionally short temper for any immoral behavior they do not agree with. If angered enough, Paintbrush's hair will ignite into flames of fury, literally becoming a "hothead". Paintbrush adopts a violent nature, going as far as to physically harm teammates for not cooperating. Though acting cruel against others, Paintbrush will usually apologize and show remorse for acting out of line.


Paintbrush is the only contestant whose gender is still a question. Many fans rage that Paintbrush is male or female, however some say Paintbrush has no gender at all. Many who protest they are male refer to when Paintbrush responded "Yeah!" once Nickel asked if they were a guy. However, it was confirmed that they were responding in happiness that they were picked for Team Epic. Many also use the example when Knife mentioned that they could come in handy." However, this has been counteracted in Breaking The Ice, whereas Knife suddenly refers to Paintbrush as a girl, which they also reply with a "Yeah!," but then quickly implying that there were happy to being on The Bright Lights. Few think Paintbrush is female due to their high-pitched voice, and questionable feminine behavior, while others could say that their hurtful situation in War De Guacamole can hint masculinity. In Aquatic Conflict, Marshmallow and Apple began to question Paintbrush's gender, Marshmallow thinking male, Apple thinking female. Paintbrush began to answer until they was dropped into Idiotic Island, thus making their gender still a mystery. In Let 'Er R.I.P., Fan said that "...and Paintbrush wants the best for the team, but he's acting like a big jerk.", allowing Test Tube to remark she thought Paintbrush was a girl.

Lightbulb will commonly refer to Paintbrush by nicknames pertaining to both genders. For example, in A Kick in the Right Direction, Lightbulb refers to Paintbrush as "tall fella" and "brush gal", still providing no clear answer.


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Voice Actors

  • Taylor Grodin (US/UK/AU/CAN)
  • Jojo93able (Italy)


  • Running Gag: Paintbrush has asked questions that have been interrupted and un-answered in Episodes 1, 2, 10 of Season 1, and Episode 2 of Season 2.
  • Paintbrush has survived being the bottom two in Season 2 more times than any other character, at two times.
  • Paintbrush is the only Bright Lights member who has never sat out of a challenge.
  • They were the only one of the two contestants to ever get less than 100 votes in the Bright Lights team, the other is Marshmallow.
  • Paintbrush is the only character with an unknown gender.
    • Though Paintbrush's gender is still a mystery, Marshmallow apparently thinks Paintbrush is a boy, when Apple thinks Paintbrush is a girl.
    • Paintbrush is mostly referred as a female to Lightbulb.
    • Test Tube thought Paintbrush was a girl before Fan mentions that they were a boy.
    • Nickel thinks that Paintbrush is a male.
    • MePad has called Paintbrush by both genders.
  • Paintbrush is the tallest contestant on Inanimate Insanity.
    • Additionally, they are also the thinnest character.
  • If Paintbrush is a girl, the gender ratio between contestants would be equal.
  • If Paintbrush is a boy, they would be the highest-ranking male returnee from Season 1, and they would also be the only male returnee to join The Bright Lights.
  • As stated by Adam in a vlog, Paintbrush's original voice actor disappeared, resulting in Taylor taking the role.
  • Adam has confirmed that Paintbrush's true gender will be revealed eventually.
  • They were the first contestant and is currently the last Bright Lights' contestant declared safe in Season 2.
  • Since "A Kick in the Right Direction," Lightbulb has started calling Paintbrush "Painty."
  • Fun fact: All this discourse about Paintbrush's gender is very annoying. Please refer to them with they/them pronouns and leave it at that. Don't put the priority on knowing this character's gender. Seriously, it's no big deal. Calm the heck down. You'll know eventually.


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