OJ apologizes to Pickle.

This page focuses on the interactions between OJ and Pickle.


Pickle and OJ have had an on and off rivalry, but have a good friendship together. Their alliance can be mostly the reason of their friendship, but after OJ leaves the alliance in Aquatic Conflict, the two didn't interact as much.

Episodes Suggesting a Friendship

In A Lemony Lesson, Pickle first met OJ on the newly formed Team Chickenleg. However, the two didn't talk or interact in this episode.

In One-Shot Wonder, Pickle calls to OJ and Bomb to help them across the gorge.

In Sugar Rush, OJ decides to invite Pickle and Taco into his alliance with Bomb.

In 4Seeing The Future, Pickle and OJ both express their hatred towards MePhone4S. OJ became upset when Pickle's cookie, which he ate earlier, ended up poisoning him, making him unable to compete in the challenge.

In The Penultimate Poll, OJ apologizes to Pickle for his behavior in the previous episode, and their friendship is re-created. At the end of the episode, Pickle chooses Paper to be eliminated, instead of OJ because of his earlier apology.

Episode Suggesting a Conflict

In One-Shot Wonder, OJ unintentionally causes Bomb to explode, sending Pickle across the gorge.

In War De Guacamole, Pickle gets stuck in the vat of guacamole, causing OJ to search through it for the baton. This ends up causing Team Chickenleg to lose.

In The Snowdown, Pickle notices a tree across a frozen lake, and sends OJ, Salt and Bomb to retrieve it.

In Aquatic Conflict, OJ quits the alliance with Pickle, Taco and Bomb, due to Bomb's betrayal, and creates a new one with Paper.

In The Great Escape, Pickle participates