OJ's Closet is a room found in Hotel OJ. OJ found this room in Everything's A-OJ, after he noticed a mysterious door with a warning sign. Pepper urges OJ to take the towels where she thought was inside for her, at first OJ warned her to not open it, but after realizing that he can get rid of her if something horrible was in there, he encourages Pepper to do it, and that is when they discovered that the closet was originally where the eliminated contestants went when they were eliminated. This action was so ruthless, that OJ decided to sue MePhone4 and have this to be sorted in court. Judge Gavel said it was illegal, so after MePhone4 said he made arrangements with OJ, the eliminated contestants would be in a much more vast and peaceful area section of it.


  • The closet, upon being opened, will trigger an alarm.