Character Script/Scene
Knife (drinks water bottle)
Nickel Hey Knife, what are you doin'?
Knife Oh, nothing. (finishes water) Ah, that's good.
Nickel Is that a water bottle?
Knife Yeah, I got hundreds of them over there. (screen pans, showing a pile of water bottles. throws water bottle into nearby toilet)
Nickel Knife! What are you doing?
Knife Just my daily routine. (watter bottle appears) Drink watter bottle, flush down toilet. (toilet appears, water bottle goes into it.)
(goes back to knife and nickel)
Nickel Why don't you just put it in the recycling bin right over there? (pans to toilet, then recycling bin)
Knife Too much walking, the toilet's closer.
Nickel Naaah.... Knife, you really have to learn about saving water. (screen turns black) I'm gonna tell you the 5 really easy things you can do to save water.
Knife Listen, man. This sounds really boring, and the season finale of [garbled]...
Nickel Listen!
Knife Okay!
Nickel First, you drink that water bottle. That wastes so​ much unnecessary water! Take water from the tap!
Knife Hey, that would save a lot of time, actually. What else can I do?
Nickel Second, you always throw that water bottle down the toiilet. Just walk over there to the recycling bin! It's only a foot away! And when you flush the toilet, it wastes all that water to flush it down.
Knife Ugh... okay.
Nickel Third, when y ou flush your water down the toilet, the plastic is not being reused. Instead it's being wasted and thrown down the sewer! Do you know how much water we can save if everybody​ recycles? That means you are saving water! Fourth: You don't need a lot of time to shower. In fact, you only need around five minutes! So, shorten your shower every day by 5 minutes than normally. You could save a lot. And the #1 thing people do to waste water is they pour things down the drain! Find another use for water if you're not using it, like water the plants! (holds glass of water over a flower)
Flower Don't even ​think about it.
(credits roll)