Nickel's Tips On Conserving Water
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Nickel Conserves
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 Nickel's Tips on Conserving Water is a short made by Adam Katz.


The short starts with Nickel approaching Knife while he is drinking water. Nickel talks about why flushing water bottles down toilets is bad, and then he tells him 5 ways to save water. The first way is being instead of drinking water from bottles, taking it from the tap will be better, cause there is a lot of wasted water in bottles.

The second way is instead of throwing water bottle to toilet, throwing it to the recycling bin. Cause, when you flush the toilet, it wastes more water.

At the third way, Nickel warns Knife that upon flushing the water bottle, the plastic bottle can't be reused, which is a waste of plastic.

In the fourth way, Nickel warns Knife that if you spend too much time in the shower, you actually waste A LOT of water. Nickel tells Knife to shorten his shower to 5 minutes on average.

When they reach the last step, Nickel tells an obvious fact before that; people waste their water by pouring it in sinks. Then he tells that if there is extra water you don't use, you can use it for a lot of other things. He gives an example of watering plants. But the Flower tells Nickel to don't even think about it.



  • According to the description of the video, this is a video project that Adam made for technology class.