This page focuses on the relationship between Microphone and Cheesy.

Microphone yelling at Cheesy

Microphone yelling at Cheesy.


In the later episodes, Cheesy has continuously attempted to tell jokes to Microphone, but they become progressively more obnoxious, even to the point where he called her a monstrosity. As a result, Microphone developed an utter hatred towards him, but once she yelled at him, he became depressed, so Microphone decided to make amends with him.

Episodes suggesting a conflict

In Breaking The Ice, Cheesy cracks a rather inappropriate joke towards Trophy, so Microphone scolds him, telling him to not"go there".

In Cooking for the Grater Good, he cracks one of his puns in response to being grated, so Microphone facepalms in annoyance. She also has no problem in grating him.

In A Kick in the Right Direction, she is disgusted when Cheesy cracks a joke about "putting himself" in the pizza, and near the end when Microphone claims that her skills "are going to kick it", Cheesy makes a pun out of it, which appears to bore her.

Their main conflict starts in Let 'Er R.I.P., where the two are walking through the haunted house, but Cheesy is annoying Microphone, who is trying to save her reputation and avoid screwing up, but Cheesy makes a pun about her volume, causing her to scream at him angrily.

In Everything's A-OJ, Cheesy keeps telling obnoxious jokes to Microphone, who brushes him off and asks him to take the challenge seriously. He almost takes this into consideration, only to make another pun, earning him a sponge and bucket to the face, which was apparently so brutal, he was forced to wear an ice pack afterwards. After the credits, when Microphone is enjoying a peaceful stroll, he hides in the bushes, cracks another pun, and ends up harming her, angering her and making her scold him for dragging himself out in the middle of the night just to make a pun.

In Theft and Battery, Cheesy tells her that he witnessed a "monstrosity", only for the monstrosity to be her. Microphone begins to hear his laughter in her head, and she eventually snaps and yells at him, calling him a monstrosity back, making him depressed.

Episodes suggesting a friendship

In Breaking The Ice, the two end up on the same team, the Grand Slams. Microphone ends up winning for her team, sparing both of them from elimination.

In Theft and Battery, Cheesy is eliminated, and he eventually realizes that his jokes were rude and hurt people's feelings, and he almost considers quitting comedy, but Microphone convinces him that comedy is a part of his personality, and that he should keep telling jokes as long as they aren't hurtful to others. Cheesy almost tells a new joke as part of his new routine, but is pushed into the Rejection Portal by Toilet, shocking Microphone greatly.