Well, can you call people on your regular watch? Huh?

Steve Cobs, Theft and Battery
The Meeple Watch is an electronic watch from Meeple Inc. created by Steve Cobs. It first appeared in "Theft and Battery" during Cobs' tour of Meeple Headquarters. He introduced the watch by continuously repeating "tick, tock", irritating many of the contestants. After Balloon comments how his regular watch can do the same stuff, Cobs rebuttals by asking if he can call people on his watch. Balloon answers no, and remarks that it's dumb, prompting Cobs to pop him with an app. Later, while the Bright Lights escape, Cobs threatens "it's only a matter of time", forcefully throws a Meeple Watch at the ground, causing it to shatter and bend.


The Meeple Watches have wristbands that tie around the user's wrist, and contain a small screen.

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