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The back of a MePhone, showing the Meeple company name, logo, and other factory details.

Meeple is the company that makes the products MePhone4, MePhone4S, MePhone6, the Mecintosh, and most likely the computer Adam is seen using, amongst other things. It is an extremely innovative company that seems to create a new MePhone each and every year, each technologically improving on the last. An application referred to as MeTunes is used to provide additional free software updates.

A MePhone-to-TV software also exists, that allows the screen of a MePhone to appear on a TV with the push of a button, used by MePhone4.

It appears that Meeple and Adam had some sort of tie-in deal before the beginning of the show that allowed a living version of the newest MePhone at the time- MePhone4, to host the show. However, when the MePhone4S was released, a 4S broke in through the security of the show and when questioned by 4, he stated that if 4 had stayed up to date with Meeple news, he would know that him, 4S, had just been announced.

He claimed to have new and better technology- an M5 chip and Siri voice recognition technology. He took over the show briefly after he killed 4, during the episode 4Seeing the Future, but after some time-traveling, 4 returned and reclaimed his position as host on the show, stating that he was the host and that Inanimate Insanity was his show, no matter how insane the technology 4S had was. As seen in 4, Episode 5.5, 8, 10, and 13, there are also smaller, non-living Mephones that exist.

The company and it's products have been revealed to be created by Steve Cobs, who had a pun in his name. Steve Cobs wears glasses as he does lots of programming. He is seen in Theft and Battery. He wanted the egg Fan had, but was turned down. The company resides in Meeple Headquarters.


  • Meeple, of course, is a parody of the technology designing company, Apple.
  • The back of a MePhone has the Meeple logo and the word "MePhone", underneath which it reads, at least on 4S, "Designed by Meeple on Inanimate Planet Assembled in New York Model AK418 JDJ 6969 FCC ID: INA-NIMATE IC: INSA-NITY00", due to most of the cast living in New York, and AK418 could stand for Adam Katz April 18th (his birthday).
  • Meeple is also used as a parody of Skynet from the Terminator franchise, at least for that of the MePhone4S series.
  • Meeple's name may have first been spoken in 4Seeing The Future, but it was first revealed as the company that creates MePhones in Sugar Rush, as seen on the back of MePhone4S when he was getting his car to ram into Cheesy.
  • Meeple's motivations for terminating outdated MePhone hosts are elaborated upon in Journey Through Memory Lane Part 1. MePhone5 describes how they can't let the public see a MePhone4S or MePhone4 in the show, i.e. Meeple wants them to be completely obsolete.
  • There have currently been a total of 11 named Meeple products: MePhone4, MePhone4S, MePhone5, MePad, MePhone5S, MePhone5C, MePhone6, Mecintosh, Mebook, MePhone6+ and Meeple Watch.
  • MePhone4, Fan, Bow and Adam were seen using a miniature, object version of MePhones.

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