And I'm the beautiful MePhone5C, the most colorful beauty in existence. I'm made of plastic, neat, huh?

—MePhone5C, Let 'Er R.I.P.
Name MePhone5C
Gender Female ♀
Allies MePhone5S (love interest), Steve Cobs
Enemies MePhone4 (one-sided, her side)
Color Black, Pink, Magenta
Introduced in Let 'Er R.I.P.
Latest appearance Let 'Er R.I.P.
Voiced by Jill Katz

MePhone5C was a minor character in Inanimate Insanity II. Her first and only appearance so far is in Let 'Er R.I.P., though she was briefly mentioned in Theft and Battery, and her trusted ally is MePhone5S.


MePhone5C is the newest MePhone by Meeple along with MePhone5S . She has a black and pink body, a black soundwave mouth, and pink sunglasses. She, of course, resembles the iPhone 5C.


Shortly after MePhone5S appears, she teleports into the scene next to Fan. She introduces herself as "the beautiful MePhone5C, the most colorful beauty in existence". She then brags about being made of plastic, which Fan says it's "really... something".

Afterwards, she and MePhone5S have a short argument, but he apologizes quickly. She then accidentally reveals their plan to kill MePhone4, which 5S yells at her for.. After MePhone5S asks where MePhone4 is and is told by Fan and Test Tube that he is by the Crappy Cliff, the two MePhones go to the cliff, but have trouble finding him.

MePhone5S tries to detect him with his fingerprint scanner which MePhone5C thinks is advanced and dreamy. He doesn't find MePhone4 so MePhone5S asks her to look for him when she says that MePhone Maps says to fly straight down. She bumps into MePhone5S and they both fall off the cliff screaming. Splashes and coughing are heard, proceeded by a loud bang and a bright flash.

She and MePhone5S were mentioned briefly in Theft and Battery.



  • She is the first (and only) female Meeple product.
  • In the comments of Let Er' R.I.P., it is revealed that Jill Katz is Adam's mother.

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