The MeLife App is an app on MePhone4 that helps recreate dead contestants when they die. The app was first displayed in Breaking The Ice, although it is inferred that this app has been used throughout the whole series. Some characters cannot be recovered.

In The Series

MeLife was first showcased by MePhone4 in Breaking The Ice by downloading and regenerating previously shattered OJ. When a character's icon is selected, a silhouette of their main color appears, and then downloads the contestant from bottom to top. The MeLife recovery app has presumably been used to recreate every dead contestant after they disappeared.


Bow and Dough are the only two contestants who cannot be recovered by MeLife. As explained by MePhone4 in A Kick in the Right Direction, Bow cannot be recovered since she died while MePhone4 was dead as well, not allowing a notification to pass through, and thus, her recovery is faulted. Even when attempted to recover, Bow's silhouette will partially download, but then reverse and turn to static. As a result, Bow's soul resides as a ghost in Purgatory Mansion, as shown in Let 'Er R.I.P. Dough cannot be recovered after Yin-Yang ate him as MePhone4 didn't get a chance to create a MeLife icon for him. His soul also resides as a ghost in Purgatory Mansion, also shown in Let 'Er R.I.P.


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