MePhone4 Hmm, this low-key challenge idea is getting really tough to figure out.
Toilet You'd think that coming up with an easy challenge would be easy, but nooo...
MePhone4 I'm thinking something simple, but that can go in any direction.
Toilet Well sir, why don't you look at the ideas so far? Maybe the idea's right in front of you!
MePhone4 Hmm... nah.
MePhone4 takes a good look at the challenge ideas, he then realizes the first letter of every available challenge written in blue spell out MAZE.
MePhone4 Hey wait! What if the idea's been right in front of me all along? 
Toilet I-I-I, Mister Ph- I just said that-
While Toilet is speaking, MePhone4 opens up a "maze generator". With a loud BANG, a maze appears out of nowhere.
MePhone4 ...Huh, what do you know?
Fanfare plays while Microphone is exiting the Perilous Forest with Fan and Test Tube nearby, who are startled by said fanfare. Lightbulb stands nearby while Paintbrush and Marshmallow are filling a pile of bottle caps from the previous episode's mock filler challenge.
Lightbulb Wow MePad! I had no idea you were such a musician.
MePad It just came naturally to me.
Lightbulb You know I uh, happen to be a pretty mean baritone player myself. (pulls out a baritone, inhales to blow in it, coughs)
MePhone4 Alright guys, I thought up a challenge that's going to be really cool and good!
Lightbulb AND GOOD?! ...whoah...
MePhone4 I know, I've outdone even myself. This challenge is a hedge maze containing a multitude of potential paths. Each intersection will force you to make a choice. It's sure to be a-MAZE-ing. (...)
Knife BOOOO!
MePhone4 Hey guys, do you hear that? No knee slap! Oy, it's just not the same without Cheesy around... and I couldn't be happier.
Nickel All I hear is a terrible game show host.
Lightbulb All I can hear are those cookies in MePhone's pocket! Oh!
MePhone4 (Holding cookies and eating one, embarrassed) ... Whichever team gets each member to the finish first wins.
Lightbulb Well, I mean, it's probably best to cover the most ground we can... in case it rains.
Fan Waitwait wait wait what-
MePhone4 (At a stylish tower with buttons and levers with speakers outside) All right everybody. On your set, Get marked, GO!
Nickel Okay, so here's our plan: me and Baseball are going to take all right turns. Suitcase, you got all left. Oh! Uh, Knife, Mic, and Balloon ... whatever, I don't really care what you do. Just make it to the end. Especially you, Mic; you're kind of a wild card.
Microphone Well wait a minute, if we have to get our entire team through the maze to win, there's no reason we shouldn't all stay toge- (The Grand Slams have split up) And, why do I even bother?
Marshmallow Paintbrush, can I, talk to you in... private?
Paintbrush Oh, absolutely Marshmallow! Okay, see you later everyone!
Lightbulb But-but, I was.. I was gonna go with Painty... Yo, flat face! I-I mean Fan! Uh, Come on, we can be flying buddies!
Fan I'm not sure what that entails, but sure.. Uh, Test Tube, Do you think you can hang on to my egg for me? Lightbulb can't keep herself from shattering. just keep him far away from her.
Test Tube Oh! No problem! Staying away from other people is my specialty. You can count on me!
Lightbulb swipes Fan away, Fan screaming.
At the tower
MePhone4 Yeah, I don't care what you do, Toilet. Just as long as I don't have to look at you.
Toilet (Jumps out window) YEAH! (Pulls out hedge trimmers, with MePad doing the Fanfare. He starts cutting the hedge bit my bit.)
MePhone4 Ooh, careful which way you go! Careful!
MePhone4 (hallucinated to be distorted) Careful... Careful...
Suitcase ..Wh-wha?
MePhone4 (hallucinated as an ominous voice) ~The path you take.... Is the choice you make. But how do you know which path is fake?~
Suitcase Wha- Who is that?
MePhone4 (hallucinated as an ominous voice) ~Who to trust, who to follow... is the bond solid? Or is it hollow..?~
Suitcase (Hedge walls closing in) I-I don't know! (Snaps back to reality) What do you think?!
Balloon Suitcase? Uh.. Who are you talking to?
Suitcase Th-th-that voice! Did-didn't you hear that voice?
Balloon Um.. Not sure what you mean but I'm glad I found you!
Lightbulb is running through the maze carrying Fan, she reaches a dead end.
Lightbulb Honestly, I mean, this wall's.. starting to.. aggravate me.
Fan Well there's not much we can do about it, it's predetermined.
Lightbulb Oh please! Nothing's predeter- termderm... Let's just do it the bright way!
Lightbulb grabs Fan and starts spinning him like a helicopter, flying through the maze. They fall to the finish.
Lightbulb What it is!
MePhone4 *Buzz* That's called cheating, moron.
Lightbulb and Fan are lasered back to the start.
Lightbulb Oh c'mon! That's only frowned upon in some countries!
Suitcase and Balloon find Baseball and Nickel.
Suitcase Oh, hey guys!
Baseball Hey, you made it! Why don't we all go together from here on out?
Nickel All right! Let's go, Suitcase! (Suitcase and Balloon join the alliance, Nickel glares at Balloon) Um, last I checked, you're not Suitcase! So scram, buddy!
Balloon Wha, wha?
Suitcase Nickel! I know he's not a part of our group, but I'm sure he'd like to travel alongside us.
Nickel Oh RIGHT, of COURSE! Hey! Why don't we make him the team leader?
Suitcase That's a GREAT idea!
Nickel I-I.. I- Have you ever met me? Everything I say is sarcastic.
Balloon Thanks for the support, Nickel! I promise I won't let you down.
Nickel Wha-- Are you serious?!
Baseball Oh, how generous of you Nickel.
Something catches Balloon's eyes.
Balloon Guys! This path looks shinier and way better than the others! We should go through it.
Suitcase There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with that statement!

The quartet continue through and Balloon steps on a red panel, causing a buzz at MePhone4's tower, alerting him. He then presses a button with a deranged look.

A blue futuristic-looking gun is summoned inside a hedge wall, and points at Balloon. Balloon ducks as this gun blasts and freezes Nickel, who was behind Balloon.

An identical-looking brown gun comes out inside another hedge wall and blasts flames toward Suitcase, setting her on fire and screaming.

Havoc continues as Baseball is electrocuted with a yet another identical-looking yellow electric gun.

A cannon then blasts a cannonball, with the alliance trio screaming as it comes towards them. Balloon, unharmed, runs towards them.

Balloon Agh, sorry guys! I had no idea that path would be so dangerous.
Nickel Oh, no no no! It's fine! It's all fine! Heh!
Baseball gets an electric quirk and part of Suitcase is still burning, they are looking horrified.
Nickel Why don't you go ahead and check the next path, to make sure it's safe?
Balloon Um, all right.
Nickel ...Ugh! I knew it. Quick, let's get out of here.
Suitcase Wha?
Nickel Suitcase, I don't want us getting in danger like that again. Let's just ditch him, there's still time.
Suitcase takes a couple steps backward.
Suitcase I'm not ditching anyone.
Nickel WHAT?!
Balloon is walking, and he overhears the argument, he starts eavesdropping.
Nickel (Faint) Are you kidding me? I almost died back there! (Normal) He's just gonna bulldoze us all over until we're all gone! Everything that just happened back there was because of HIM! It wasn't an accident!
Suitcase You don't have any proof of that!
Baseball GUYS! Come on! Just keep it together!
Nickel NO proof?! Did you just see what he did?! Everyone is better off if he kept to HIMSELF! (This shuts Suitcase up)
Balloon Keep to myself?! I get it! It sucks this happened, but when you jump to conclusions, it ruins every chance we have at winning, or even getting along! We don't have to be friends, but I thought we could at least find some common ground. I guess even that's too much for you to bear, huh?
Baseball You better go talk to him. (Suitcase follows Balloon) Seriously, Nickel?! 
Test Tube.
Test Tube Aw, jeepers! It sure was nice of Fan to entrust me with his egg! Isn't that right, egg? "Yeah, Test Tube! It was a great gesture! Ha ha ha!" (A freeze beam blasts near Test Tube, throwing the egg up.) Whoa! (A couple more blast near her) Whoa! Wah! (Catches the egg) You better be more careful, mister!
Paintbrush and Marshmallow.
Paintbrush So Marshmallow, uh, what did you want to talk to me about?
Marshmallow (Piano starts playing faintly - the same note over and over again) Just thinking about Apple, how- I don't know when someone's using me or not.
Paintbrush Ugh, is Apple bothering you again? Ugh, what'd she do this time?
Marshmallow (Piano gets louder) Um.. mm.. I'm not sure.. I-It was just so sudden.
Paintbrush Hold on, where- where is that coming from?
Paintbrush goes through a hedge wall to find Fan and Lightbulb with a piano.
Paintbrush Lightbulb? What is this?
Fan Oh sorry, we just felt like this was going to be a... one-note conversation.
Lightbulb Ah HA ha, ah-ha- (tries to high-five Fan awkwardly but fails first, she does so successfully the second)
Paintbrush Ugh. (Exits out of hedge wall) lo-look, you thought you knew her, but now you know for a fact she was just taking advantage of your popularity, right? (Fan shouting)
Marshmallow Uh... actually...
Paintbrush Wai- Just a second, Marshmallow... (Enters hedge wall)
Now Fan has a game show wheel that says "Apple" on all of the slices.
Fan What will Marshmallow talk about next? Let's spin the wheel! Ooh, look at it go! (The wheel lands on Apple)
Paintbrush FAN! What are you doing?
Fan Ah- Analyzing your character interactions?
Lightbulb hits a note on the piano.
Paintbrush (Whistling is heard) Well Fan, isn't that just interesting? Have you ever analyzed dirt? Well HOW 'BOUT NOW?! (Punches Fan)  IS IT INTERESTING ENOUGH?! GOT ENOUGH INFORMATION DOWN THERE?! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO, WRITE IT ON YOUR BLOG?!
Fan Agh, is this is going to become a cliché too? Your fiery temper tantrum being illustrated by- by a literal flame? Oh, there it is! I can see it!
Paintbrush UGH! I. HATE! YOU!!!
Microphone Are they OK over there?
Marshmallow Ugh, all I did was ask about Apple using me, and this craziness happens.
Microphone Maybe it's not so bad if someone uses you, if-if it benefits you as well! Right..?
Paintbrush I see your point there, not that I agree with it of course. In fact, no one should agree with it because it's a terrible point! Come on Marsh, we're leaving!
Microphone Yeesh, they look like a dysfunctional family.
Balloon Can't we relate? Our team is literally just a bunch of insanely judgmental people!
Microphone That's awful!
Balloon Oh please, this whole show has been awful! We lose every other challenge, there's an "alliance" who refuses to accept anyone! And uh, come on, did you see the prize last elimination? Spoiled Lemon?! Really?
Fan Spoiled Lemon?! Oh, my... The deep, analytical beauty those songs are ripe with! Especially that one that goes "all I wanna do, is go to a party!"- Y-You see, it- it focuses on a party, mainly.
Microphone I don't listen to those sellouts anymore.
Fan B-but in that song, the vocalist lovingly chronicles how they couldn't deal with themselves until they gain the companion they need! It's pure poetry!
Microphone So everything he does is decided by someone else? Nice message.
Fan Well, Microphone. What gives you the right to have an interpretation? When's the last time you gained something of value from true art such as this?
Microphone Ugh, certain people always tell me I have so much to gain.
Balloon Ha, maybe it's because of that gain on your back!
Microphone ...Wait! Gain?! *gasp* I gotta go! Thanks Balloon!
Balloon Ugh...
Fan Four episodes ago, that gain wasn't even there, and now it is there. And now, it's a plot point. I've been overshadowed by a knob, ladies and gentlemen! When's the focus gonna be me? (Laser goes right through Fan) *screams*
Microphone (turns on the gain volume) Taco?
Taco Ah, maybe you aren't as half-witted as I thought.
Microphone Rude. But what do you even want from me?
Taco It's not what I want from you, it's what you want from me.
Microphone What?
Taco Seems like you're having some trouble in that maze, I could easily help you out.
Microphone Really? You'd help me out?
Taco Easily.
Microphone Well.. Okay..
Taco Left, left, right, right left. Wow, you really got yourself jumbled up.
Microphone Ugh!
Taco Uh-hm... left.
Nickel and Baseball
Nickel When did he decide he wanted to be my friend all of a sudden? Since when? I mean, he's just, ugh! He's so annoying with that little, voice like that! Ugh! Just drives me nuts!  Uh.. Are you listening?
Baseball ...Why do I always let this happen? I could've helped back there, but, I just didn't know what to say. 
Nickel ...Well hey, neither did I. I just- someone had to speak up.
Baseball Ugh, I can't keep the team together, I can't keep the alliance together and maybe if I had some actual leadership skills, we wouldn't be in this mess.
Nickel Yeah, I mean you really did it this time, ha- heh. Whoahoa heyheyhey, look, a good team leader puts the team ahead of himself, you're doing just that. It's something most of us aren't even capable of and no one can ask for any more than that.
Baseball ...Wow, thanks man.
Nickel Alright, look. You can thank me when we actually get out of here and find the exit. So, quit the waterworks, quit the pity party, let's go.
Baseball You got it, chief!
Nickel Ew, "chief"? What- what even is that?

I don't know, uh- it's- it's a cool name, right?

Nickel No, it is not, you should- you should be ashamed.
Lightbulb and Fan.
Lightbulb Fan, is-is it getting hot? Can you hear the walls closing in?!
Fan L-Lightbulb, we are so lost. I'm just trying to make sure we get out of this maze! a-at some point.
Lightbulb Oh! So you're in on it, huh, punk?! Well heh, I've got a surprise for you! (screams and makes a weird face)
Fan No one is doing much of anything! I kind of have this sneaking suspicion that our team isn't having a very big episode! Maybe we should just accept the lack of excitement and go with the flow.
Lightbulb Oh I'll let it flow alright, it will flow like the bottom of the ocean! Where the crabs die!
Fan I hope Test Tube is faring better..
Test Tube is dodging freeze beams.
Suitcase and Balloon.
Suitcase Hey! I finally found you.
Balloon Oh, hey. I'm sorry I snapped back there. Well actually, I'm not! I was totally in the right! Seriously, how do you stay on the good side without losing your mind?
Suitcase I always think things over, it's a weird feeling, automatically taking all left turns 'cause Nickel said to. It's oddly comforting, having a path laid out for me. But also a bit degrading. But, I just couldn't let him ditch you.
Balloon You really feel that way? Oh. I.. thought you had a real bond with those two.
Suitcase Yeah, now I'm not so sure.
Balloon ...Come on, let's get out of here.
A bad vibe gets to Suitcase.
Taco and Microphone.
Taco One more turn, and you're out!
Microphone No way! I'm first to finish!
Baseball Wow, I'm impressed Mic, great work!
Lightbulb is dragging a fainted Fan at the end of the maze.
Fan Wha- What? This is the end of the maze? Wha-How did we even do that?!
Lightbulb Well, you know what they say, three heads are brighter than one! (Fan hallucinates three Lightbulb heads)
Fan Wha- What?!
Suitcase and Balloon Yay! We made it!
Paintbrush Nice job, Marsh! Is there anyone still in there?
Nickel It looks like it's Knife and Test Tube!
Microphone turns up her gain.
Knife (Knife is heard through Mic's gain) Gotta get through this!
Microphone Knife's close! KNIFE! OVER HERE! THIS WAY!
Baseball Wait, Mic! Stop yelling!
Microphone Why?
Knife and Test Tube are in different locations, Knife slices the hedge wall.
Microphone (Echoing) OVER HERE! THIS WAY!
Test Tube You hear that, egg? The exit! It's that way!
Baseball No! You don't realize!
Knife slices a hedge wall while Test Tube is running with her eyes closed while everything is burning, she is slowly burning.
Knife Out of-
Test Tube is still running, slowly getting charred.
Knife My-
Test Tube.
Knife Way! Hahahaha! Out of there!
Test Tube, almost completely black, passes Knife and they are neck and neck. Dramatic sound effects ensue as the contestants tensely watch them jump to the finish. Knife and Test Tube land to the finish line at the same time.
MePhone4 Huh, well this is unexpected. it appears both teams have finished at the same time. I guess both teams are going to have to go back into the- the... MAZE?!
The maze is destroyed. leaving some branches behind with a small portion left at the finish.
MePhone4 What happened to my maze?!
MePhone4 ......Okay, we're done here.
Fan Oh my gosh, Test Tube! Are you okay?
Test Tube, completely black, falls over. Fan catches the egg.
MePhone4 So uh, no one's up for elimination, But don't worry, I will make up for that next time.
Fan Oh my gosh... NO ELIMINATION?! WHA- WHAT WILL US LOYAL FANS DO INSTEAD?! (Starts acting hysterical)
Knife I don't know why I even show up anymore.
Suitcase For us! Your friends!
Baseball Uugh! We were so close! Mic, why?
Microphone I didn't hear Test Tube!
Lightbulb Wait, so no elimination? Then, what do the viewers do?
MePhone4 Oh, that's right. Uh, how about this?
Fan WhatdowedoNOW?!
MePhone4 (Punches Fan) The viewers will choose the next challenge.
A slide comes up. Knitting, Bucket Brigade, and Shell Collecting are displayed.
MePhone4 You may choose between these three options. The challenge with the most votes will be in episode 11. *Voting ends July 1st, 2016.*
On Fan's MePhone video with poor quality, a Pineapple is standing by a microphone pole.
Pineapple ~...All I wanna do, is go to a party!(singing horribly)~ A party, yeaAA! (Microphone feedback) ~(coughing)~
Marshmallow Why did you buy those Spoiled Lemon tickets from that scalper!? This band sucks! Get your money back!
Fan It's weird, they just never sound as good on the phone.
Paintbrush Oh yeah, that's gotta be it.
Pineapple coughs in the recording, startling Paintbrush. Nickel comes in with a more stylish look.
Baseball Whoa, what's up with the new look?
Nickel Oh! I uh, I scalped some tickets online. You wouldn't believe what these suckers will pay to watch these idiots.
Fan (off screen) They're not idiots, they're artists! Those two things aren't necessarily related! Gosh!
Knife Shut up over there! They're starting!
Announcer Ladies and gentlemen, Spoiled Lemon is finally reunited!
Everybody gasps
Microphone Starfruit?!
Knife He's back?!
Starfruit (sighs) Hello again, to all my fans.
Fan Oh! Oh he's talking about me!
Starfruit I'm sorry I left, but I had someone help me find that the real music was inside me all along. (points to Lightbulb and winks, Lightbulb winks back)
Fan Wh-wha?

Now, Let's. ROCK!

~I woke up when it was morning.

It was a day like any other day.

I had a bad time 'cause I couldn't rhyme.

But then I could when I saw her,

walking down the the street.

I was alone, alone.

But she made me feel like, I wasn't, wasn't.

She made me see that I needed her,

but can't you see?

She broke my heart on the beat, woah!~

Spoiled Lemon and Fan jump and the credits begin.

~All I wanna do is go to a party! Party! Yeah! 

And the party never ends! And I don't know what to do.

Until you are right beside me and,

With or without you, I'd be,

down on my knees,

but not really 'cause I have trouble bending, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah!

A party that's, never ending!

To get my mind, I'll ask you one last time off of you, you, you, you, you, you!

You try to take me down by hanging around me,

trying to keep me from being who I wanna be!

I gave you so many, many chances,

'cause I always, enjoyed your glances.

But now you know what?

My goals are simple now.

What else can I do, than the only thing I know how?~

Episode ends.