The Maze is a hedge-maze that appeared in "Mazed and Confused", and served as the contestants' challenge for the episode.


The maze is a typical hedge maze in the middle of an open field. The walls consist of hedge bushes, heavy with leaves and branches, and dirt paths throughout the whole maze except the beginning. At the end of the maze, a large banner with the words "FINISH" is hung up.

The maze walls are moderately tall, but still short enough for some contestants climb and peer over. The walls, despite heavy with branches and leaves, are also somewhat thin, as thin characters like Paintbrush or Knife can walk or cut through.

Additionally, hidden within the maze walls are various traps and weapons, such as freeze rays, flamethrowers, zap guns and cannons, designed to thwart the contestants from reaching the end.


"Rain On Your Charade"

Despite the maze itself not appearing, MePhone4's whiteboard with several challenge ideas exist, which eventually lead to the maze's creation.

"Mazed and Confused"

S2e10 maze destroyed

The maze after Toilet tears it apart.

After seeing the encrypted "MAZE" message in his challenge ideas, MePhone4 promptly creates the maze in a large green flash from an unknown activated application. The contestants proceed to travel through the maze to get to the end, many of them encountering the dangerous weapons, but eventually reaching the end. However, after confusing the maze for an "ugly plant", Toilet manages to destroy the entire maze by cutting up the walls with his hedge clippers, reducing the maze to scraps of lifeless roots.


  • The maze is the first time we see MePhone4 actually create something on-screen. The second time we see this is with the bucket brigade in "Kick the Bucket".