"New paths", oh what's the use, just give me a break / All friends will still leave distress in their wake.

—Singing "Keep on Cleaning", Everything's A-OJ


          Marshmallow, labeled The Sweet One, was a female contestant on Inanimate Insanity who was placed on Team Epic. She returned for Inanimate Insanity II and was placed on The Bright Lights. However, in "Alternate Reality Show", she was disqualified due to not coming back to the show's parameters, the first disqualification in the series.


Marshmallow is a kind, fierce, energetic, and aggressive player. Though being so puny and inadequate, Marshmallow has carried on challenges with ease, mostly due to her purchases at Wal-Mart back in Season 1.

She has been treated like a sack of dirt more than any other character. Though being extremely sweet, joyful, and vivacious with friends, her enemies have seen the sour side of her. Further into the series, Marshmallow appeared to care more about herself than others, causing trouble between her and the other contestants. Further into that, the crisis between her and Apple has caused a lot of hate towards Apple because she tricked her into being friends just to get farther in the game. However, in Kick the Bucket, Bow reveals to Marshmallow that she possessed Apple and controlled her.

Official Site Bio

Marshmallow is a kind and fierceful player. Though being sweet and joyful with friends, her enemies have seen the sour side of her. Further into the series, Marshmallow appeared to care more about herself than others, causing trouble between her and the other contestants. She also has an odd obsession with Wal-Mart and is prone to being abused due to her sweet mushy exterior.

—Inanimate Insanity Site, 2013


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Voice Actors

  • Adam Katz (US/UK/AU/CAN) (Season 1)
  • Dee Cashin (US/UK/AU/CAN) (Season 2)
  • eRVy4728 (Italy)


  • Running Gag: Marshmallow is one of the three "beat up" characters, as she has endured abuse like the other characters which are Pickle and Apple.
  • Running Gag: Marshmallow fails to use gravity correctly in Episodes 1, 6, 12 and in the finale credits.
  • Marshmallow's original body was perspectively flawed. The original graphic portrayed the bottom of Marshmallow as flat. An updated version of her body has this mistake fixed.
  • Marshmallow was revealed to own a phone in Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 2), making her one of seven characters to own one.
    • She, Bow, and Fan, however, are the only contestants to own a phone in the current Timeline.
  • Marshmallow is revealed to be right-handed in A Kick In The Right Direction.
  • Marshmallow was the fourth person voted off by contestants.
  • Marshmallow is ranked #7 of all Inanimate Insanity Contestants in Season 1 when coincidentally, the number 7 is the semi-reason for Marshmallow's elimination.
  • Marshmallow apparently thought that Paintbrush was a male.
  • Marshmallow is tied with Paper (in A Lemony Lesson) and Paintbrush(in Alternate Reality Show) for receiving the fewest votes to be eliminated, both at 3.
    • If you count disqualification and being killed as proper elimination, she is instead tied with Dough at 0 votes.
  • Marshmallow's sizing has noticeably changed from earlier episodes to the present ones. The change being she became smaller.
  • Marshmallow's has the astounding ability to shatter glass with her voice, shattering Test Tube by yelling.
  • As of Cooking for the Grater Good, Marshmallow has gotten the least amount of II 2 votes for Team Bright Lights, having the 8th least amount of total votes for both II 2 teams, having 243 II 2 votes.
  • Marshmallow has the ability to heal from fire, as shown in The Stacker (burnt from One-Shot Wonder ), and Breaking The Ice.
  • Marshmallow is the only contestant to appear in all of the Inanimate Insanity and Inanimate Insanity II episodes.
  • Marshmallow has the record for one of the most times in the bottom three, with 4 times
  • Marshmallow was eliminated due to her staying in the Mansion, so she was disqualified, therefore she is 9th place, leaving the Final 8 to be Knife, Baseball, Microphone, Suitcase, Paintbrush, Lightbulb, Fan and Test Tube.
  • Marshmallow is the first and only contestant so far to be disqualified.


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