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Inanimate Insanity Livestreams are ways for viewers to talk and ask questions to Adam and the rest of the II crew. Sometimes, they would animate something or show a sneak peak of the next episode for the viewers to see. On every livestream, members of the II crew would join Adam.

Live Events

Live Events are special livestreams made by Adam where he talks to crew members before and after an episode of Inanimate Insanity II has come out. So far, there are only 2 Live Events: One for Everything's A-OJ, and one for Theft and Battery.

Livestream List

Livestream 1

Livestream 2

Livestream 3

Adam, Ben, Xany, and Justin answer questions. Towards the end of the livestream, they let a viewer join the livestream through the answer of "How many times has OJ died?". That person ended up being Retro. Niall animated random things as well, such as Yin-Yang eating a blood filled pie.

Livestream 4

Adam, Justin, and Niall answer questions, as well as Adam animating deleted scenes from Cooking for the Grater Good.

Livestream 5

Adam, Justin, and Taylor answer questions. Adam animates some of the first scene from Let 'Er R.I.P.

Livestream 6

Adam, Brian, Jutin, and Taylor answer questions & talk about things. This was the debut of Robo-Taylor.

Livestream 7

At the beginning, Adam told everyone they have a Facebook and a Twitter. Later, Xany, Sam, Justin, and Brian joined the livestream.

Livestream 8

Adam, Justin, and Ben answer questions, although Ben left midway throughout the stream, but not without saying that he "hates Justin". They answer questions, as usual.

Livestream 9

This one was unique. Xany, Justin, Taylor, Brian, Aaron, and Dalton were on an all-out war. It was very similar to II, where the voters got to vote out a person in the stream.


  • Justin has appeared the most in livestream, mainly as the question reader
  • Livestream 6 was the debut of Robo-Taylor

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