Here are the list of Cheesy's jokes that he said.

Breaking the Ice

  • "Yeah, that wasn't a bright thing to say! Hehe, get it?"
  • Fan: I didn't interrupt you! I'm your biggest fan!
    Cheesy: He's a fan! Get it?
  • Trophy: Just give all the balls to me.
    Cheesy: You'd like that, wouldn't you? Hehe, get it?
  • MePhone4: Wow, what a macro-win for a microphone!
    Cheesy: (slaps knee)

Marsh on Mars

  • "It's just snot fair!"
  • Baseball: Wow, this should make this challenge a walk in the park!
    Cheesy: A ballpark? (Slaps knee)
  • "Don't you know, Balloon, you're not very pop-ular."

Tri Your Best

  • "Wow, you deserve a round of applause! Get it? Because you're round!"

Cooking for the Grater Good

  • "Wow! That was a cheesy thing to say! Ha ha! Get it? Because it's cheese?"
  • "Heh, heh, come on guys! That's not a grate idea! Heh heh, get it?"
  • "Ow! Come on guys, that's de"grate"ing! Can't you just let me hold on to a shred of dignity?"
  • "Water you guys thinking? Get it? Cause I'm gonna pour water on you!"

A Kick in the Right Direction

  • "Wow! I can't wait to finally taste the pizza! I really put myself into it!"
  • Knife: Okay. Hey. Cheesy! Your jokes are terrible!
    Cheesy: Oh. So we got a heckler in the crowd today, eh?
    Nickel: Knife! That's not how it works!
    Knife: But I'm doing that emphasis on some words thing that you did!
    Nickel: Ugh, sorry Cheesy, you don't understand.
    Cheesy: Oh, I understand. This sharp guy thinks he's better than me!
    Suitcase: Cheesy! We're still playing!
    Cheesy: You think you're funnier than me, Knife? Why, I oughta (begins to punch, but is punched first by Knife)

Let 'Er R.I.P.

  • "So then I said, "That's not my wife, that's a vampire!""
  • "I'm not sure you can avoid that. You know what they say. The past speaks... volumes!"
  • "Wow, seems like your having a ghoul night! Heh, heh."

Everything's A-OJ

  • Cheesy: Hey Mic you're so loud, you made MePhone lose his HEARING! *Slaps knee*
    (Microphone is annoyed at his joke)
    Cheesy: ...Get it? Cause he's in prison now-
    Microphone: Man, Cheesy, just leave me alone! Can you take anything seriously?
    Cheesy: Okay Mic, just remember... you have a lot to lose, but NOT MUCH TO GAIN! (Slaps knee) 'Cause gain is a setting on a micro- (Gets hit in the face by Mic's sponge, then her bucket)

Theft and Battery

  • Cheesy: Mic! I just experienced the most horrible thing! It was a monstrosity!
    Microphone: What?! What was it?
    Cheesy: Your personality! Get it? 'Cause everyone thinks you're annoying! *laughs*

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