Lemons are a common fruit associated with Inanimate Insanity. They were first used in the first challenge in Episode 2: A Lemony Lesson. The challenge was to gather as many lemons as possible into the team's basket in a short period of time. Team Epic was winning with 32 lemons when Taco barfed up 31 lemons and then 2 more, causing her team to win.
Ep2 Taco Lemons 2

Taco barfs lemons.

180px-Taco Lemon

Taco spitting a Lemon at Baseball

Ever since Episode 2, there has been a running gag of Taco barfing up lemons at people, helping her win challenges. Taco has since been seen barfing a lemon at Baseball in Episode 3, which resulted in her winning the challenge for her team. She also barfed multiple lemons out to make a path across the quicksand in Episode 8. Taco is seen barfing a lemon in the Happy New Year! From Inanimate Insanity picture from Episode 9 as well. She also barfs one at Pickle in his eye underwater in Episode 11. Taco ran out of lemons in Episode 14, causing her to be very sad.


  • So far, throughout the course of the series, Taco has barfed a whopping grand total of 46 lemons.

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