This article focuses on the interactions between Trophy and Knife.


Due to Trophy and Knife's personality being similar the two clash and both have a dislike for each other, therefore making them mortal enemies. When they first met each other, Trophy thought Knife was just like him, Arrogant and an apparent jock. However, when Trophy found out about Knife's relationship with his Dora doll, he began to think of him as a "Girly Doll Obsessed Freak." Trophy feels that everyone should know about Knife's true personality, but Knife will stop at nothing to stop him from telling, even becoming Trophy's slave for the rest of the competition until the latter's elimination. 

Episode Suggesting a Conflict

Breaking The Ice

When MePhone4 vaguely explains the challenge, Knife comments his fists can break the ice like butter, but Trophy then insults him, calling his fists "pillows". 

During the challenge after declining Tissues' offer he asks Knife if he would like to join an alliance, Knife refuses, saying they are different (Trophy is a jock, Knife is a jerk). The two are about to start a fight when Knife punches Trophy off the iceberg.

During the dodgeball challenge, when Trophy throws a dodgeball at Cheesy, a member of both his team and Knife's, Knife then angrily throws a dodgeball at him.

Marsh on Mars

Knife is chosen to sit out and is later seen playing with a Dora Doll, leading to Trophy blackmailing Knife. Trophy gloats about how everyone will see it, but Knife, worried about his secret, claims that "he'll do anything". 

Knife with a Dora Doll


Trophy blackmailing Knife

Trophy then makes Knife his slave for the competition, in order to make sure no one finds out about his obsession, Knife reluctantly agrees. Trophy then walks away.

Tri Your Best

Trophy demands Knife to make him a new protein milkshake, and when he doesn't get his way, he throws his cup in Knife's face, angering the latter. When the triathlon starts, Knife is blackmailed once again to compete in said triathlon. When the Grand Slams end up losing and Knife ends up with a broken leg, Trophy is annoyed at how the blackmailing caused Knife to lose the challenge, and says that if he had half a brain, he would show everyone the picture.

Cooking for the Grater Good

Knife ends up losing it and allows Trophy to show everyone the photo. Once he does so, however, Baseball gives a speech about how Knife had his Dora Doll to keep him occupied in Idiotic Island, and if he didn't, he would've gone insane and murdered everyone. Knife then calls Trophy a loser, while Trophy tells him to "jump off a bridge". When Trophy is eliminated and crushes Box, Knife angrily kicks him into the Rejection Portal.

Episodes Suggesting a Friendship

In Breaking the Ice, Trophy wanted to form an alliance with Knife because he was in his opinion the only cool person.

In Marsh on Mars, Trophy said that Knife was the only person there that was cool. This was before he saw Knife with his Dora doll.

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