Part 1

Character Scene/Script
Marshmallow (Marshmallow is walking with her picture of Bow with a chair looking at it sadly. MePad then teleports to Marshmallow, which startles her and causes her to fall on the ground. The picture flies to MePad's face. Marshmallow looks at MePad.)
Marshmallow Didn't mean to startle you like that.
Marshmallow ...You feeling okay?
MePad I simply don't feel much in general, but I do feel the need to make you aware that you are nearing the outside of the show's parameters without permission, and that you must turn back.
Marshmallow know what they say about parameters! They only exist in our minds!
MePad (MePad teleports in front of Marshmallow again) Indeed. We all have our limitations, they are what make us unique.
Marshmallow Wow! Deep.
Marshmallow (Marshmallow stares at MePad, then at the mansion, then at MePad again, and starts running towards the mansion.)
MePad Marshmallow, you are not meant to do this. Your defiance is unprecedented. I would advise you return.
MePad ...This situation has become desperate.
MePad (MePad teleports again.)
Marshmallow (Marshmallow opens the mansion doors and walks inside.)
Marshmallow ...Bow? You there? Hello?
Dough (Dough falls down the stairs and falls into a portal. He comes out of said portal.)
Dough Ugh, it's not the same!
Dough (Looks at Marshmallow) Oh. Hi.
Marshmallow Youuu! Um... I-I was kinda calling out for...y'know, Bow... Eheh. So...
Dough No, no, I get it. That's what everyone says, so... (sighs)
Bow Is that Marshmallow?! Well, it's been fun guys, but I've gotta fold. Besides, who could bluff to those faces?!
Marshmallow Hehehe! Aw.
Bow So, hey! What brings you back to my-
Dough Well, it's been fun guys, but I gotta fold. Besides, who could bluff to those faces?! Hahahah..ha..What am I doing wrong?
Bow So, heyyyyy! What brings you back to my crib?
Marshmallow Eh, where to begin? I'm having all these feelings lately. Kinda guilty. Kinda uncertain. No one else seems to want to talk to me about this. And to be fair, I...I feel like I'm really beating a dead horse here, but it's awful.
Bow Well, um, hey! Why does the horse have to be dead, huh?
Marshmallow (gasp) Sorry! Is that..
Bow It's fine, y'know I just prefer metaphors that aren't offensive.
Dough Is the horse a mare? Then I'd care.
Bow Stop rhyming! AND you are NOT my BROTHER! I don't know where he came from, I don't know why he rhymes, I just don't know.
Balloon (To Suitcase) Yeah, I hope it's shell collecting too!
MePhone4 (Rushed) Alright! Elimination time! I need the Bright Lights! Let's go, go, go, go!
Fan Wait, REALLY?!
MePhone4 Yes, yes! Of course! C'mon!
Test Tube and Paintbrush Uuuuuh...
Toilet Mistah Phone!
MePhone4 Nope!
Toilet Mistah Phone!
MePhone4 Nope!
Toilet Mistah Phone!
MePhone4 No!
Toilet Mistah Phone!
MePhone4 Zip it!
Toilet (shocked) MISTAH PHONE!!
MePhone4 Not now! So last time... last...No, wait, wait, wait! Everybody up! Everybody up! Ugh, I forgot. We don't have to do this right now.
Toilet Mistah Phone! That's what I've been trying to tell you, sir!
MePhone4 Welcome to the challenge! Which, given the lack of the elimination last episode,
Fan Since when was that even possible?
MePhone4 Was chosen by the viewers! And they've chosen...
MePad (MePad's screen shows that Shell Collecting got 4,516 votes, Knitting got 4,573, and Bucket Brigade got 7,281 votes, making the challenge Bucket Brigade.)
MePhone4 Bucket Brigade! (Gets the challenge ready)
Lightbulb What? But I got all of this for only 50 dollars!
MePhone4 Since you guys have been getting along sooo well lately, it seems like a no-brainer to have a challenge that can highlight your sense of teamwork, I mean, splitting up in the maze, well that was teamwork at it's finest.
Lightbulb (with a yarn ball in her mouth) Thank you! At least someone noticed!
MePhone4 So each team will have to fill a large reservoir by passing a bucket from the dock and back! As the reservoir fills, the platform inside will raise. Once high enough, the member on the platform will grab the key and plunge in the now full reservoir. The key will be used to unlock a chest. Inside the chest are 3 balls. The teams then throw their balls to their respective targets. The first team to hit their target 3 times wins immunity!
Test Tube Oooooh! So it's one of those challenges where the first part's basically arbitrary to the goal!
MePhone4 Yeah, I could give you the balls at the beginning, but really, where's the fun in that?
Nickel Where's the fun in any of this?
Baseball (laughs)
MePhone4 And the team that loses...let's just say they better be ready to cast elimination votes tonight!
Paintbrush Wait, we're the ones who vote now?!
MePhone4 Remember how I said I'd make up for there being no elimination last time? Consider the stakes raised.
Baseball (laughing)
MePhone4 So, how about instead of mocking me, you figure out who will do what in the next challenge!
Suitcase Yeah, and how about how you...uhh...I'm...I'm sorry.
Balloon (laughs) Suitcase, that was a good one.
Nickel Ahem! Our alliance, a word please? (Pushes Suitcase)
Nickel (To Suitcase and Baseball) Look, there's no easy way to say this, but...
Suitcase I know, bad joke. See, I've never been the quipping type.
Nickel W-wh-what, no! I-I'm saying given the stakes here..
MePhone4 Consider them raiiised!
Nickel We really can't afford anymore trouble from...y'know, Balloon again. His presence alone has started to tear us apart, hasn't it? I think it'd be best for all of us if...y'know, he gets a small role in the challenge, and...we...nothing crazy...stop talking to him beyond the bare minimum!
Baseball Um, Nickel? A word please? (Pushes Nickel)
Suitcase Oh, um...alright, I'll
Baseball She and Balloon are friends, just like us. Forcing them apart would be outright hypocritical!
Nickel Eeeh...uh...I guess. But there's a big difference between being an alliance and being friends. If you let an alliance blend into some personal, It's just not built for that.
Baseball Yeah, but are you really in an alliance if you feel like you have no control, though? We should let her have a friend. This is her choice to make.
Nickel Ah! See? Now you're talking alliances! Hmm...she should feel like she has a choice. In fact, I'll do you one better! (walks over to Suitcase) So, uh, Suitcase!
Balloon Woah! Look at that, Suitcase! You exist again!
Nickel Suitcase, I've gotta say, you've really changed my mind about Balloon here.
Suitcase I..uh..I have?
Nickel I think you know better than any of us how he should be treated. So you should decide what he does in the challenge today!
Suitcase Wow! Okay, um, I think you should be run-up in the lake! Passing all of our buckets to the ropes and filling them with water!
Nickel ...uh, that's a big responsibility...(looks at Baseball)...Okay, sure! We'll see how he does!
Taco (to Microphone) Did you hear that?
Microphone I hear everything now.
Taco "We'll see how he does", Nickel tellingly exclaimed. Meaning the challenge is a test of Balloon's ability.
Microphone Whaaaat? You sure?
Balloon (sigh) This challenge is a test of my ability. Now the whole team is going to be depending on me! I told you I don't need their approval!
Suitcase You don't! You're gonna win this for yourself!
Taco ...yourself. (laughs) Oh, how adorable. This isn't about winning for yourself. It's about setting us up for the future. Baseball and Nickel are clearly looking for a reason to get Balloon out. Your job is to provide them with that reason.
Microphone You're very abstract. You know that, right?
Taco Is this concrete enough for your liking? (pulls out a taser)
Microphone W-wh-woah! What is that?!
Taco Oh, I've managed to Some may call it a "temporary paralyzer".
Microphone You want to paralyze him?! Wha-you- You don't do that!
Taco (turns the taser off) You didn't seem to have a problem when I spoonfed you the directions out of the maze.
Microphone That's different! You were just giving me advice. This is actually attacking people!
Taco Advice?! Just adv- I believe actual directions are, for a better term, direct!
Microphone Y-you didn't even acknowledge the fact that we're actually attacking people! At ALL!
Taco (scoffs) Ethics will get you nowhere, Microphone.
Microphone That's real reassuring to hear it coming from you.
Taco Enough! Baseball blamed you for the tie last episode, so who do you want the target painted on? Your back or Balloon's. (gives Microphone the taser) Hm! Wow, it's almost as if the choice is clear, so let's pounce on these tensions when the time is still right.
Microphone Pounce? Is this really how you talk? ....I'll think about it. Alright? (walks to Balloon)...Ugh, (drops the taser and taser makes an electrical noise) Ah!
Taco What are you doing? That was my gift to you! You just had to take it! You have no respect for the gain. No gratitude!
Microphone (to Balloon) Y'know, what you're doing here is pretty brave, I must say.
Balloon Oh! Thanks, Mic. Suitcase always tells me to believe in what I say! You know what? I say that I can do this!
Microphone Hey, that reminds me of how Soap told me to "listen to my heart". She said that...while she was walking through the..."elimination portal", y'know, the portal of elimination?
Balloon You don' don't think I'm at risk of getting eliminated... do you?
Microphone Oh, no, no, no. Definitely not. Well...maybe. No, wait! Yes.
Balloon Yes?!
Microphone I mean, I wouldn't have been able to take that risk. I am a...coward. Yeah. So good on you! (starts walking away) Like I said, pretty brave of you. Pretty brave.
Balloon (Balloon holds his head, looking nervous.)
MePhone4 Okay, looks like everyone's in position!
Paintbrush Wait! Ha-has anyone seen Marshmallow?!
MePhone4 We're ready to begin!
Paintbrush No, nononono! Marshmallow isn't even HERE!
MePhone4 Ugh! She paying Mars a visit again?
MePad Sir, I've been trying to inform you. It appears Marshmallow has "gone rogue".
MePhone4 ...oh. So she's not in danger?
MePad Not this time, but she has nonetheless exited the parameters of the show.
MePhone4 In that case, I'd like to invoke the "her loss" clause. Her loss!
MePad (laughter & clapping)
MePhone4 Now, if she's not back by the next episode, she will be officially disqualified and eliminated!
Fan A disqualification?! Another possibility left unexplored! My perfect world is crumbling before me! (inhales & exhales in a bag. Said bag pops.)
Paintbrush What?! She just left?! She...she didn't even tell me where she was going.
Bow (to Marshmallow) So, I was floating in nothingness, for, like, ever, y'know? So, one day...(cut off)
Marshmallow (flashbacks of her and Apple.)
Bow with tacky old furniture and no cell reception. And that's how I got my tail! So, give me the deets, what's been going on in life? You can ask about mine, but, hey, that's long gone! (laughter)
Marshmallow (puts down Dr. Fizz) Apple seemed like she was the perfect friend. Clingy? Sure. But I thought it was because she cared a lot about me. But once I found out the truth, I can't help but think, "is anything on this show REAL?"
Bow Well, hey. She's eliminated, right? Out of sight, out of mind. Makes you think about me, huh? (laughter) Look, I'll be frank with you, Marsh, and I don't even know who frank is. I don't think that kumquat was important. You can spend forever trying to figure out what her strategy was, but now that Inanimate Insanity's behind us, we gotta face the real world!
Marshmallow Um...I'm still on the show, unfortunately.
Bow (stutters) Still? Okay, nononono. No. Nuh-uh. They have run that thing into the ground! And I know. I'm dead!
Marshmallow (laughter) Thanks for listening. Paintbrush just gets too caught up in the anxiety to have a break for a second to talk.
Bow Well, that shouldn't be a problem with me! I'm on break forever! (laughter) I'm all that you need, right?!
Marshmallow What'd you just say?
Bow (awkward laughter) Nothing, nothing. (throws away Dr. Fizz)
Marshmallow ...I feel like you're hiding something from me.
Bow (shakes) What? I tell you everything! If I was lying, I'd tell you!
Marshmallow That's a lie within itself!
Marshmallow WHAT?
Bow And'll forgive me? (silence)
Dough (whispers) Draaamaaaa.
MePhone4 I hope everyone's ready!
Balloon Well actually, maybe I should-
MePhone4 Awesome! Just making sure. GO!
Lightbulb and Balloon (they both toss the buckets into the lake and pull them out.)
Lightbulb (runs to give the bucket to Test Tube)
Balloon (runs to go give the bucket to Suitcase.)
Suitcase (gives the bucket to Nickel.)
Nickel (throws the bucket to Baseball.)
Test Tube (panting, gives the bucket to Fan.)
Baseball (throws the bucket to Microphone.)
Fan and Microphone (dumps their filled buckets into their reservoirs.)
Paintbrush and Knife (platforms rise.)
Paintbrush C'mon, team! We may have less members, but we're still gonna give it our all! (to Fan) Hey, um, uh, where's Lightbulb?!
Lightbulb (comes out of water wearing a snorkel, and coughs up a crab and holds the crab.) Oh. There you are. Oh. Yeah.
Paintbrush G-uh-LIGHTBULB! What are you doing NOW?!
Lightbulb I'm looking for the golden coin, remember?
Paintbrush ...LIGHTBULB! YOU'RE AN ENTIRE SEASON BEHIND! I didn't think it was possible, (hair flames up) BUT YOU'VE REACHED NEW LEVELS OF NONSENSICALITY!
Paintbrush ...what? What is this?
Fan That tie in the maze defied the pattern in every way possible!
Test Tube (trying to give bucket to Fan) Take it.
Paintbrush It is a lot to take in. For sure, Fan.
Fan I-I realize now...
Test Tube Take it.
Fan ... that not even order itself...
Test Tube Take it.
Fan ... can definitively decide the game.
Test Tube Take it.
Fan I'm so sorry, Paintbrush.
Test Tube (angrily) Fan. Take it.
Paintbrush Ohohoh, stop. I'm just glad I'm finally able to get us back on track.
Fan And if a tie is possible then the floodgates have opened for all SORTS OF CHAOS!
Paintbrush But you get that you were wrong, right?
Fan (grabs bucket and fills reservoir) So very wrong!
Paintbrush (platform rises) Apology accepted! Now we're back on track!
Balloon (goes to fill up bucket again) Keep moving! Just keep on mo- (trips and falls) Woah! (bucket rolls to water) Oh nonononono! (bucket falls)
Nickel (distance) C'mon, for real?!
Baseball (distance) Uuugh.
Knife (distance) Seriously, dude?!
Microphone (sighs)
Suitcase It- It's fine. Simple mistake.
Nickel Hey, someone should get that bucket. Maybe Suitcase. Actually, definitely Suitcase. (to Suitcase) Go!
Suitcase (dives into water and swims towards bucket. Goes to grab bucket, hearing distorted voices. Voices quote Mecintosh, saying distortedly, "Betrayal is inevitable. The clock is ticking. Tick, tock, tick, tock..." Grabs bucket but something grabs her leg. Resurfaces with bucket.)
Nickel Quick, quick! Give it here! C'mon!
Suitcase (gives Nickel filled bucket)
Balloon You were down there for...a while. You okay?
Suitcase (voice changed) Never better.
Episode ends with "To be continued".

Part 2


"I think I finished... about half."

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(Unknown voice repeats tick tock while other voices can be heard)

Suitcase: (Gets out of the water, and coughs)

Nickel: Quick, quick! Give it here! Come on!

Balloon: You were down there for.. a while. You okay?

Suitcase: (Voice changed) Never better...

(At the Purgatory Mansion)

Bow: N'aww! Does a certain grumpy face need another soda? (squeal) You know I gotta keep my girl happy!

Marshmallow: You made her say those things?! But-but how?! That couldn't have been you!

Bow: Oh! It's a neat little trick called Possession!


Apple: Marshmallow, please come back! 

(Bow posseses Apple)

Bow: It's kind of a cool power you get when you're dead, as if a tail wasn't enough.

Possessed Apple: (clears throat) Yes! I'm so glad Marshmallow is gone. Now I can enjoy myself, haha!

Marshmallow: Apple?

Bow: Normally you manipulate people with your words, but this time I did it myself!

Possessed Apple: After all, I AM just using her votes to get farther in the game.

Marshmallow: (gasps) You. Big. JERK! I can't believe you were using me!

Dough: This... is the best part.

Bow. Hey! Stay out of my flashback!

Dough: Okay.

Possessed Apple: But, Marshmallow! I was just kidding. It was a big joke. Ha. Ha.

Marshmallow: You were by yourself! I can't believe I was ever friends with you!

Bow: I just.. (sigh) I just got a little distracted, like always.

Marshmallow: Bow, take care of her! ..Bow? Hello?

(Bow throws apple out window)

Bow: And, whoosh! Just like that. Pretty cool Right?

Dough: I, like, possessed a hamburger one time, just to get the sensation. Turns out that a hamburger has a more complex and stressful life than I do.

Marshmallow: I.. I wasn't even talking to Apple? You know, this isn't helping me with my "what's real" issue!

Dough: Ugh! You wanna talk issues? What about MY issues? I have to sit around all day, listening to her talking to paintings just to seek attention... not that I do the same, of course.

Bow: Shut up you low-class impersonator! It's not just any attention. Contestants like Kumquat-

Marshmallow: Apple.

Bow: Are the only people Marsh actually cares about! i had to even the playing field.. cause' what chance did I have against an actual player?! I need to stand out... Or else I'd be nothing!

Marshmallow: ...To me?

Bow: Yeah... Y'see Marsh... Hit it!

(Dough appears playing the piano in a soft tune, but then goes to a more fun tune.)

Bow: Contestants get to have all the fun! If you're on the show, you've already won! Now that I no longer compete, I feel incomplete...

Bow: Taking part in the action made for easy interaction with friends, and nothing was the same once it wasn't just a game, I never wanted it to end... I hope that I can feel alive again!

Marshmallow: Without the game, you don't feel alive?

Bow: Yeah! (Chuckles, but frowns)

Marshmallow: Wow, that's weird.. I think I see it the exact opposite way.

Marshmallow: (back to the song) Contestants are divided for fun, they face challenges that are never done... Since every single person you meet could cause your defeat. All they want is your reaction as you become a fraction, a blend. Between who you really are and what you know could get you far, it's not meant for us to transcend.

Marshmallow: We have someone upon whom we depend.

Bow and Marshmallow: (harmony) We have someone upon whom we depend.

Toilet: MePad! How many parameters is Marshy-Marsh from here?! I wanna her for Mistah Phone- What are you looking at?

MePad: Their progress. For what it's worth, there is certainly some efficient bucket-passing to acknowledge. Yet, many of the contestants have become erratic in a way that alludes me.

Toilet: Allude? Wh-What's alluding you?

MePad: I notice that they all seem focused on pleasing each other, but none of them are very pleased themselves. Just from a logical perspective, shouldn't you recieve what you provide?

Toilet: (glances at MePhone for a second) Ha! Not always!

Marshmallow and Bow: (harmony) In fact, when I... think of that life... It isn't really living... at all...

(Dough stops playing the piano)

Bow: So, uh, if that's how you feel, why don't you come live here?

Marshmallow: What?

Bow: Yeah, come stay here, at the mansion, with me, and the maniac who thinks he's my brother!

Dough: Yeah, stay with us!

Marshmallow: I-I don't know..

Dough: PLEASE! You're the closest thing we have to life!

Bow: We could still.. be an appliance?

Marshmallow: (grins) On one condition. There's someone I want to bring.

(Scene switches to Paintbrush throwing the ball at the target successfully)

Paintbrush: Yes! Woohoo!

Test Tube: Remember, it's all in the precision.. Prec- (laughs) Thats a funny word. Preh- Precitty press- PRESS THE BUTTON! DEHH!

Nickel: See? You know what you're doing, Knife.

Knife: (rolls eyes) Stick to the sarcasm, buddy. It suits you.

(Knife throws ball at the target successfully, and Microphone walks in)

Kinfe: Oh, nice it is of you to join us again. (passes ball to Microphone)

Microphone: Huh?

(Knife looks at microphone, angrily.)

Microphone: (Throws ball at the target, seeing it fall) (Gasps and activates self, and screams, and hits the target.)

Taco: (Grins, seeing this situation)

Baseball: Wow, clever!

Microphone: Thanks! Just don't wanna pull a balloon, ya know?

Baseball: (Laughs)

Lightbulb: (Rubs ball, causing it to electrify) Here, Fan! Try and catch! Don't get electrocuted!

Fan: (Catches ball) Wait- (Gets electrocuted) AAAAAAAA!

Paintbrush: WHA... WHY?!

Lightbulb: (With a disgusted face) Sorry, I guess I could've thrown it underhand.

Fan: Spontaneous electrcution? (Sparks) I never even considered that! Too.. many Variables.. (sob

Paintbrush: Would you just THROW THE BALL!?!?!?

(Fan screams before throwing the ball. It hits the target.)

Paintbrush: Yeah-heah!

Fan: Oh, that worked?

Knife: Okay, Balloon, you're up. Make it count. (Passes Balloon the ball)

Balloon: Wha-You're giving ME this?

Knife: You keep blabbering about proving yourself, why don't you stop whining and DO IT? I know you can.

Microphone: Relax, Balloon. A little luck is all it takes. But if luck isn't on your side... Oooohh... Ouch! Tough break.

(Cut to scene with Fan and Test Tube, with Fan encouraging Test Tube while she is still dazed.)

Fan: Come on, Test Tube! It's up to you!

Test Tube: I can't... (coughing and stuff) I've, I've never... I've never athleticized before...

Fan: Oh, Test Tube. That doesn't matter. There is no pattern! The pattern... is in YOU!

Paintbrush: Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever he just said! Just- just throw the ball already, please!

(Close-up shot of Test Tube, Paintbrush's voice echoing in the background. After a few seconds, Test Tube finally snaps out of it, and Balloon and Test Tube both throw, with Test Tube hitting the target and Balloon missing.)

MePhone: And the Bright Lights win immunity! Even with the numbers disadvantaged, their ability to work as a team pulled through.

Paintbrush: I-I don't believe it! We actually pulled through for once!

(Paintbrush pull Fan and Test Tube into a tight hug.)

Paintbrush: I LOVE you guys!

Lightbulb: (Holds Baxter and laughs) I know, I love you too!

Nickel: (sighs and looks back at Suitcase, both of them looking disappointed and/or let down) Well, that settles it, then.

(Microphone walks away from the Grand Slams and tunes in to talk to Taco)

Microphone: ...look, I know I didn't do what you asked-

Taco: -No. Microphone, instead, you found a way to manage manipulation that functioned inside the rules of the game, somehow balancing my respect for both the competition, and the good old-fashioned "messing with people". I had no idea such a strategy was even possible, I must say; I'm very impressed... Now, just... keep your mouth shut and let them go at it.

(Cut to Knife walking to sit on the dock near Suitcase, who is lying down on the grass.)

Knife: You know, from up on that platform, I had a pretty good view of all your... strife.

Suitcase: (sarcastically) Thanks, you're a good friend.

Knife: Never claim to be... Look, I don't like getting involved, but I just have to wonder; why put up with them if they never listen to a single thing you say?

Suitcase: That's not true. Nickel did listen to me today, but cost us so much time..

Knife: Heh, looks like someone' got set up.

Suitcase: ...Huh?

Knife: Did you honestly think they were willing to give Balloon a chance? Or did you just convince yourself because you really wanted them to? They knew Balloon would fail, use it as a reason to eliminate him and- BONUS! -Doesn't make you look so odd either.

Suitcase: Wow, you're real great at being... cynical. That must make you so happy in a... "paradoxical" sort of way...

Knife: It does. And it looks like to be happy, you have to impress a bunch of people you perceive as jerks!

Suitcase: Isn't that just what you call yourself?

Knife: Believe me, theres more than one way to be a jerk.

Suitcase: ...I've made my choice.

Knife: And you should stick to it. Just... make your presence known.

(Cut to elimination.)

MePhone: I think it's safe to say this is a massive change in the game. Instead of your likability being determined by the viewers, your fate in the game from now on is contingent on the relationships you have built on this very grass. Our new voting system is simple! Just walk down the path and tap the screen on the fellow competitor you want sent packin'. Nickel, you're up first.

(Nickel walks up to the screen.)

Nickel: I have to say, your genuine desire to change is... neat. I believe you, but I also believe you being here is not so neat, so, adios.

(Knife votes for Balloon. Suitcase is about to vote for Balloon. She hesitates a little before closing her eyes.)

MePhone: Let's read the votes. Balloon.

(Balloon seems surprised for a second, then an angry look appears on his face.)

MePhone: Nickel.

(Nickel glares at Balloon. Balloon looks confused.)

MePhone: Balloon. 2 votes Balloon, one vote Nickel.

(Nickel smirks at Baseball.)

MePhone: Balloon. Three votes Balloon.

(Microphone stops crossing her fingers. Balloon looks determined.)

MePhone: And The tenth contestant voted out...Balloon.

Balloon: (sigh) Oh man, Suitcase. I know that vote must've been hard, but you proved your loyalty to the alliance and I-I can't hold that against you.

Suitcase: ...what?

Balloon: Alright, I'd love to stay and chat, but... I gotta go now, bye!

Suitcase: WAIT! I'm sorry. For the longest time, I've been so unsure of myself. Whether or not I should... make my presence known.

Balloon: (Gritted teeth) I'm trying to do you a solid here!

Nickel: Welp, this is really straightforward, heh heh.

Suitcase: Nickel, I voted for YOU tonight.

(Nickel has a shocked look on his face. Baseball looks disappointed.)

Nickel: Excuse me?

Suitcase: I just can't forgive the way you've been treating Balloon, game aside! And it's not just about him. You act like you're trying to protect me, but you try to send me away EVERY CHANCE you get!

Nickel: But, Suitcase, he was tearing us apart! I wanted us to have what we had before!

Suitcase: What we had BEFORE? We don't... really even... TALK! It's never been anything personal, a-at all! And to me, that's not what an alliance.. IS!

Baseball: So... what? Did our conversation on the docks not mean anything to you?

Suitcase: You can pretend to care how I feel, but I know who you really answer to. You say you disagree with Nickel's tactics, but never act against them!

Baseball: (stammers) I don't answer to ANYONE. I'm trying my best to keep my team in check! And your accusations CERTAINLY aren't helping!

Nickel: W-Wait a second, I only got one vote... What, did Balloon vote for himself!?

Suitcase: Looks like it. I mean, it's easy to read how everyone would vote, so he decided to be a good friend instead by pitying the blame on himself! And this is what a TRUE ally looks like! But I'm not gonna let him fight my battles for me! I voted for YOU, Nickel, because you've never been a true ally to me!

Nickel: Well... what good did it do for you, huh!? The only thing you stood for is burning your allies and weakening your chances, alright? And as long as I'm here, you're not fooling anyone again.

MePhone: Actually... funny you bring that up. Y'see, uh... you know how I said I'd "make up for it next time"? Well, it's a double elimination! Surprise!

(Toilet pops out of a cake as confetti pours down from the sky and children cheer)


Nickel: (eye twitches) Wha... what...!?

MePhone: Nickel, because you were the only other contestant to receive a vote, you're automatically eliminated as well. Wow, this contestant voting is just so much fun, I think we should do it like this every episode. Yeah! How do you feel about that, MePad?

MePad: I can't feel anything, sir.

MePhone: ...oh.

(Toilet pushes Nickel towards the elimination portal)

MePhone: So, any last words you wanna say to your voter, Nickel?

(Nickel winces as he prepares)

Nickel: Heh, well, you heard her. (glares at Suitcase) It's nothing personal.

Toilet: You're going home! What a festive evening, PEOPLE! Mistah Phone, did you like the cake I made you!? I baked it around myself and then I jumped out of it!

(As he walks towards the elimination portal, Balloon glances at Suitcase, who looks quite ashamed.)

Balloon: ...thank you.

(Suitcase looks up at him, appalled. Balloon then proceeds to walk into the portal.)

(Suitcase is on the verge of tears. Microphone then breaks the silence.)

Microphone: Well, heh... what a... lively experience! (yawn) Well, not much to gain by sitting around and doing nothing. See ya.

Suitcase: input meant nothing to Nickel. I... I just had to stand up for myself.

Baseball: (on the verge of tears) ...sure. (walks away)

Suitcase: I had no idea this was even possible!

Knife: It's also not what I meant by "making your presence known", but 'ey, you did it now.

Suitcase: I really tried to be a good alliance member, but I just stepped all over it...

Knife: I guess it depends, what... is an alliance to you?

(Cut to Marshmallow walking through the forest to Hotel OJ. MePad teleports in front of her. They both say nothing, and MePad allows Marshmallow to pass.)

(Marshmallow throws two pebbles at a window of Hotel OJ, followed by one big rock that breaks the window open)

Apple: Aaah!

(Apple runs over to the window to see what happened, and sees Marshmallow, smiling at her.)

(Ending credits)

MePhone: Vote for one of these three options for Episode 12's challenge. The challenge with the most votes will be included.

Lightbulb: (holding her crab) I'm gonna name you Baxter.

(Baxter pinches Lightbulb's hand. Lightbulb shouts in pain as Baxter hops back into the water)

Lightbulb: Oh, Baxter! (sobs)

Bow: Adamation!

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