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Bow and Marshmallow, Afterlife in The Limelight
Kick the Bucket
Season 2, Episode 11
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Challenge Bucket Brigade (7281 votes)
Winner(s) The Bright Lights
Eliminated Balloon (5 votes)

Nickel (1 vote)

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"Kick the Bucket" is the 11th episode in the second season of Inanimate Insanity, and the 29th episode overall. It was released as a two-part episode, the first part released on December 23, 2016, and the second part released on February 4, 2017. A combined full version was released on March 25, 2017.


After MePad catches a contestant breaking the rules, tensions begin to overflow. Some are able to plug up the holes in their relationships and are all the better for it! However, others manage to sink further. When they empty themselves of their conflicting emotions, new feelings are filled right in their place, and not all of them are positive! Just as water goes through an infinite cycle, there appears to be no end in sight for some of these perpetually damaged connections. That is, unless someone were to finally break the chain.

Also, there is a crab.


Marshmallow is seen walking towards the Purgatory Mansion, only for MePad to try and stop her. With that, she runs off. When she gets in the mansion, she calls out for Bow but instead gets greeted by Dough. Bow soon comes over and then complains about Dough after he interrupts her.

Balloon is talking to Suitcase about how he hopes that the contest is shell collecting. MePhone4 comes over, demanding the Bright Lights for elimination to Fan's delight and Test Tube and Paintbrush's confusion. On the way there, Toilet tries to tell MePhone that there isn't supposed to be an elimination. MePhone soon realizes that. He then introduces the challenge, which is Bucket Brigade. MePhone then explains the rules. After seeing Balloon trying to bond with Suitcase, Nickel drags her, along with Baseball, to ask her to stop talking to Balloon. With that, Baseball talks to Nickel privately about how he should let Suitcase choose her own friends. Nickel then tells Suitcase that she can choose the job Balloon gets for this challenge and she choose for him to by the lake and passing the buckets of water to the rest of his team. Nickel reluctantly agrees.

In the forest, Taco realizes that this challenge is a test of Balloon's ability and has a plan to sabotage him. She gives Microphone a taser but she disagrees to this plan. She then takes the taser but as soon she gets to the dock, she drops the taser and lowers her gain so she doesn't need to hear Taco's disappointment. Instead, she goes up and talks to Balloon, saying that she believes that he has a chance of getting eliminated. This lowers Balloon's self esteem.


"I think I finished... about half."

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Bright Lights

Grand Slams




Production Notes


  • This is the second time Purgatory Mansion appears since it premiered in "Let 'Er R.I.P".
    • The mansion has also been redesigned and features many new rooms - including the foyer and bar room.
  • This is the second appearance of Bow and Dough since "Let 'Er R.I.P".
  • Hotel OJ makes a cameo in the background during Toilet's scene.
  • This is the first time since "Breaking the Ice" that Test Tube explains something about the challenge before she participates.
  • This episode makes many ties to "Aquatic Conflict", the 11th episode of Season 1.
    • A crab appears coming out of Lightbulb's mouth. The last animal that appeared was a shark.
    • Lightbulb wears a scuba mask similar to those worn during the Aquatic Conflict challenge.
    • Lightbulb tells Paintbrush she's looking for the golden coin, which was the challenge in the 11th episode of Season 1. Paintbrush notes that Lightbulb is "an entire season behind."
    • Just like the 11th episode of last season, the 11th episode of this season has a double elimination, although this one was a surprise.
  • This is the first appearance of Dr. Fizz since "Tri Your Best".
  • This is the third time Suitcase opened herself. The first two were in "Marsh on Mars" and "Theft and Battery".
  • Suitcase's hallucinations carry over and intensify from the previous episode.
    • While the voices talk to Suitcase underwater, a faint "tick-tock" can be heard repeating, similar to how Mecintosh did in "Theft and Battery".

Cultural References

  • The painting of objects playing pokers inside the mansion in a reference to Cassius Marcellus Coolidge's 1894 painting Dogs Playing Pokers.
  • The new elimination area is heavily inspired by the ones used in the CBS reality show, Survivor.


  • This is technically the longest episode in the entire series so far, being more than half an hour long (which is partly the reason why the episode got split into two parts).
  • This episode's title, "Kick the Bucket", is a double entendre. While it references the bucket brigade challenge, it also is an English idiom or slang term meaning "to die" - referencing Bow's death.
  • The trailer for the episode was uploaded on November 11 (Remembrance Day). This may have been on purpose, as November 11th is 11/11, and this is the 11th episode of the second season.
  • This is the third episode of Inanimate Insanity that is split into two parts.
  • As noted by a Tweet from Taylor Grodin, this episode contains the most screaming he has ever done in an episode. [1]
  • This is the third time the number on the thumbnail representing the episode's number is colored other than blue. In "Everything's A-OJ", the color was orange. In "Mazed and Confused", the color was red.
  • Kick the Bucket (Part 1) is the second time since "Mazed and Confused" that Knife plays a minor role in an episode, as he has no on-screen speaking roles, but can be heard off-screen once.
  • This is the first time a contestant (intentionally) leaves outside the perimeter of the show but has not yet been eliminated.
  • Balloon and Nickel are the 2nd and 3rd returning contestants that have been eliminated.
  • This is the first episode in season 2 that has a double elimination. And which makes it similar to the episode in season 1.
  • This is the first time that the contestants vote someone out in season 2.
  • This is the first episode to completely utilize the new budget from the Kickstarter.
  • Despite the episode mostly takes place during the day, the first scene depicts Marshmallow and MePad at dusk.
  • Bow calling Apple "Kumquat" and saying to Marshmallow "I'll be frank with you, Marsh, and I don't even know who Frank is" may have been foreshadowing the appearance of the characters Kumquat and Frank in the following episode, "Alternate Reality Show".


  • Due to some small glitches, the episode was temporarily removed to fix them. [2]
  • After Taco listens to the alliance's conversation, her thumb is positioned incorrectly on her headphones.
  • In the original upload, an entire section of audio was missing after Microphone approached Balloon on the dock.
    • This has been fixed by a re-upload.
  • When Paintbrush gets out of the water, their bristles are down, However, in real life, they stand straight up.
  • During Elimination, Microphone is seen crossing her fingers until the 3rd vote for Balloon being called out, However when it cuts to Nickel her arms can be seen down in the background.
  • In the "Part 2 Little 2 Late" announcement video in the sneak peek, the Grand Slam's chest is colored brown, while in the episode it can be seen colored in their team color green.


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Inanimate Insanity II - Episode 11 Part 1 "Kick the Bucket"

Inanimate Insanity II - Episode 11 Part 1 "Kick the Bucket"

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Inanimate Insanity II - Episode 11 Part 2 "Kick the Bucket"

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“Kick the Bucket” – Inanimate Insanity II Ep

“Kick the Bucket” – Inanimate Insanity II Ep. 11

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Inanimate Insanity II - Episode 11 TRAILER


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