*The Elimination Area falls from the sky along with MePhone 4 and 4S. They land near the quicksand pit, near OJ and Taco.*

MePhone4: I need a vacation...

*MePhone5 teleports to the other two MePhones.*

MePhone4S: You can pack your puny bags later!

*Scene cut to OJ and Taco decorating trees for the challenge.*

Taco: *throws ornaments onto tree*

OJ: She's so quick, and agile. That's not the Taco I've been competing with. How is she doing so well?

Tree: Why you askin' me?

*Taco runs through the cacti desert*

Tyler Bungard: Before you pass, you must answer a riddle!

*Taco kicks Tyler out the way*

*Taco jumps in the water and comes out with the golden coin*

*Taco kicks a cardboard OJ*

Nickel: Oh, uh... Try to catch me, and put me in the bin.

Taco: Um...

Nickel: You know what? No worries...


Tyler Bungard: Before you pass, you must answer a riddle!

OJ: Ok?

Tyler Bungard: What, is the one thing, that can help you, in your time of need... ...can lead to, to accomplishing your goals... ...and has, everything?

OJ: Hmm... of course! Walmart! Walmart has everything!

Tyler Bungard: It sure does!

*OJ jumps in the water and comes out with the golden coin*

OJ: Um?...

Nickel: Uh, catch bomb and put him in the bin!

*Bomb runs away screaming*

OJ: Ugh!

*Taco does the tile terror challenge

*Taco sees the finish line*

Taco: YES!!

OJ: Oh no... this is a lot harder without Paper!

*Taco rolls to the finish line*

Taco: (howling)

*Taco is attacked by bow*

Taco: BOW?!

*Bow laughs evilly*

Taco: Ahh!

*Taco kicks bow*

*Bow gets angry and fights with taco*

*OJ lands on the last tile*

OJ: What the- ?

*OJ sees Bow fighting Taco*

OJ: I'm not gonna ask...

*Taco kick bow to the bleachers and knocks baseball*

Marshmallow: Woah! Easy there Bow! Uh... remember when you gave me this chair?

*Bow returns to normal*

Bow: Chairs! Oh, how I missed you... Wait. Chairs? OMG these are so, like, last year.

*Bow breaks the chair*

*OJ and taco run to the finish line*

Taco: NOOO!!!!

*Taco spits a lollipop at OJ*

Taco: Hah!

*Taco slips on the orange juice*

*OJ and taco jump to the finish line*

*Taco failed to win*

OJ: I did it! I won Inanimate Insanity!

*The contestants are cheering for OJ*

Taco: *in British accent* Stop cheering you fools!

*The contestants stopped cheering*

OJ: Um... what?

Taco: It is all wrong. I was built to win! My plan was perfect!

Balloon: What?

Lightbulb: Ex-squeeze me?

Taco: Yes, you were all utterly fooled. Did you honestly think that I was that half witted? I merely pretended to be an idiot. Not to be seen as a threat, and to make the viewers like me more.

Pickle: What? I don't understand...

Taco: Of course you don't! You were never really my friend. You were just part of my cover!

OJ: Hey! Lay of Pickle, British... Taco?

Taco: So be it. It wasn't fault my strategy fell short of success anyway. It was that demented pink headgear's!

Bow: Yeah. Whoever that is, shame on them.

Taco: It's you! You dolt! But luckily enough, Mephone is nowhere to be seen. And I'm not gonna let Bow stop my plan from completion!

*Taco grabs the case with the $1,000,000 in it*

OJ: Hey! Come back!

*Taco runs away with the case with the $1,000,000 in it*

*Mephone5 grabs the case with the $1,000,000 in it*

Knife: Is that Mephone5?

Nickel: Wow! What an unexpected guest!

Mephone5: MiLlIoN dOlLaR aChIeVeD.

Mephone4S: No way José!

Mephone4: Wait, 4S don't!

*4S Kicks 5 and the case with the $1,000,000 in it move too*

*5 shoots 4S with paint*

*5 shoots 4 with paint too*

Mephone4: Ah!

*4 hit's cliff and grabs grass, it's impossible but he's flexible*

*Just then, Adam is calling and playing the song, Rubber Ball, and 4 pick's it up*

Adam: Mephone! What is going on?!

Mephone4: Ugh, Adam. This isn't really the best time! It's rather cliche and ironic timing actually...

*4 drops the phone and it falls in water and the phone electrocutes*

Marshmallow: Oh no! if only there was someone who was stupid, and crazy enough to go take him down!

*Shows bow and Marshmallow has an idea!*

Bow: Hi Marshmallo-

*So Marshmallow puts bow in the bow and bow turns evil*

Paper: Mephone!

*5 knocks Paper and Paper falls down*

*5 change knife and 4 says...*

Mephone4: Ah!

The Me Phone 5 Says:

"LeT gO fRoM tHe ClIfF. i KnOw ThIs HuRtS."

That's what mephone5 says.

*Taco then grabs the case with the $1,000,000 in it*

OJ: Oh no!

*Taco runs away with the case with the $1,000,000 in it*

*OJ then knocks her off*

Taco: What? Un-hand me you uncultured breakfast beverage!

OJ: I will not be threatened by Mexican food!

*4S has an idea!*

5: WhEn WiLl YoU sEe I aM dEsTiNeD tO bE yOuR rEpLaCeMeNt. yOu'Re DvD aNd I'm BlU-rAy

*Marshmallow then released Bow into scarce*

*4S grabs Taco and says...*

4S: Well, in that case... Hasta la vista, Blu-Ray... YOU BELONG IN VCR LAND!.!

*Taco spits a last lemon and lost it*

*The Lemon hits 5, 4, and Bow, and the case with the $1,000,000 in it*

*They all suddenly except 4S and the rest fall down a cliff and land in water. They electrocute and exploded, even bow was even shot*

*The contestants then shocked!!*

*Fade to black*

Paintbrush: No Mephone!

Baseball: Oh, how could this HAPPEN?!

Marshmallow: And there's no way to bring him back...

4S: Maybe there is a way...

*Baseball and Marshmallow look at each other*


4S: Here, I cannot self-terminate. You must slide to downgrade me to Me0S4.

Baseball: And you think this'll bring back Mephone4?

4S: Correct.

Siri: No, I order you not to go! I order you not to go!

4S: I'm sorry Siri. I know now why I was a bad guy... but it's something I can never undo...

*Contestants nod*

4S: Goodbye...

*Paintbrush then swipes to downgrade and 4S dies, and 4 comes to life*

Paintbrush: Mephone?

Mephone4: *In Christian Pontensa's Voice* Ow! What happened?

*Paintbrush then screams in shock while knife throws a rock at him*

4: Wha- what? What happened?

Marshmallow: Mephone's alive!

4: But how?

Baseball: Mephone 4S was able to give his body up for you!

Nickel: I guess deep down, Me Phone 4 S did have some good in him after all.

4: Well then, I hope there weren't any side effects from 4S's transformation...

...?: Hellow!.!

4: That's gonna take some getting use to.

*Taco then run's away*

*The Phone Rings*

Marshmallo: Uh,, Adan's Calling!.

*MePhone Then Picks Up *

Adam: MePhone, You Let Everything Go Completely Out Of Control.

MePhone: Well, Look, I'm Sorry. I Guess I Wont Be Hostin' Next Season.

Adam: What?!? No! With All Them Mass-Hysteria , Our Rating's Hit An All-Time, High!.! Please Host Again Season 2! I'll Raise Yo' Pay To 20%!

MePhone: *Draws* Hm... Well, I Want My Own Personal Assistaint, That's Done!!!

*Microphone Appears*

Paper: Hey buddy. So, it must suck, not getting the million. After all the work you put in...

OJ: Ugh, well, what'ya gonna do?

4: Wait a minute, what do you mean?

OJ: The million dollars, it's gone.

4: Wait. You mean the case? The money's in the bank, not the case! What kind of idiot would put a million bucks in a suitcase?

OJ: Well, I wouldn't put it past you.

*4 slap OJ*

Pickle: So what are you gonna spend the million on OJ?

*OJ walks to cliff*

OJ: Y'know, sometimes people let greed take over their lives...

Nickel: Oh boy... here he goes!

OJ: People put all their efforts into doing something, to give them a sense of purpose. Whether it is becoming a millionaire, or going on a murderous rampage. I think in 4S's last moments, he realized what it is that really makes you feel fulfilled, and I think I have too.

Knife: Yea yea... enough of the six-hour speeches! What is it?

OJ: It's whether or not a person has some nice friends around them for support. Sometimes life can get about as crappy as a cliff-dive into elephant feces.

Paintbrush: Ew...

OJ: And your friends are the only ones there to make the hard times not so bad. So I'm gonna put the million dollars towards something for all of us.

Everyone: Aww!

OJ: 'Cause there's nothing more valuable then friendship!

*Tyler Get's It*

OJ: Er... other than Walmart, I suppose...

Mephone4: Aaaaand.... also for winning Inanimate Insanity, you get a cookie!

OJ: Oh really? I do?

4: Yup! Here it is!

*4 shows cookie*

OJ: Woah seriously?!

4: Go on.

Nickel: So someones finally gonna taste one of Mephone's cookies huh?

Lightbulb: Oh my gosh, OJ, tell us what it tastes like!

*Other's see it when OJ tries to beat it with it but spits*

OJ: It tastes like crap! Oh my gosh, did you bake these?

4: All by myself!

*It's The End*

*End credits*

To learn more about Credits go to Finale Credits.


*Apple in Idiotic island*

Apple: Uh... hello?! Did everyone just forget about me?! I'm lonely... Wait, what does 2 mean?

*This means this!*

*Episode ends*

*Season 1 ends*

*Season 2 begins*

*1st episode of 2nd season begins*

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