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*The Elimination Area falls from the sky along with MePhone 4 and 4S. They land near the quicksand pit, near OJ and Taco.*

MePhone4: I need a vacation!

*MePhone5 teleports to the other two MePhones.*

MePhone4S: You can pack your puny bags later!

*Scene cut to OJ and Taco decorating trees for the challenge.*

Taco: *throws ornaments onto tree*

OJ: She's so quick and agile! That's not the Taco I've been competing with how is she doing so well?

Tree Why you asking me?

*Taco runs through the cacti desert*

Tyler Bungard Before you pass you must answer a riddle

*Taco kicks Tyler out the way*

*Taco jumps in the water and comes out with the golden coin*

*Taco kicks a cardboard OJ

Nickel Oh uh Try to catch me and put me in the bin

Taco Um?

Nickel You know what no worries


Tyler Bungard Before you pass you must answer a riddle

OJ Ok?

Tyler Bungard What is the one thing that can help you in your time of need can lead you to accomplishing your goals and has everything?

OJ Hmm of course Walmart Walmart has everything

Tyler Bungard It sure does

*OJ jumps in the water and comes out with the golden coin*

OJ um?

Nickel uh catch bomb and put him in the bin

*Bomb runs away screaming*

OJ ugh

*Taco does the tile terror challenge

*Taco sees the finish line*

Taco YES

OJ oh no this is a lot harder without paper

*Taco rolls to the finish line*

Taco Aooh

*Taco is attacked by bow*

Taco BOW?

*Bow laughs evilly*

Taco Ahh

*Taco kicks bow*

*Bow gets angry and fights with taco*

*OJ lands on the last tile*

*Taco kick bow to the bleachers and knocks baseball*

Marshmallow whoa easy there bow remember when you gave me this chair?

*Bow returns to normal*

Bow chairs oh how i'v missed you wait chairs OMG this a so last year

*Bow breaks the chair*

*OJ and taco run to the finish line*

Taco nooo

*Taco spits a lemon at OJ*

Taco ha

*Taco slips on the orange juice*

*OJ and taco jump to the finish line*

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