Character Scene/Script
Recapper Last time on Inanimate Insanity... Wow. I can't believe it's the finale. You know, I think I'm going to recap every episode really super quickly. Ready? Go. First time on Inanimate Insanity... The initial contestants were introduced: Baseball, Knife, Paper, OJ, Taco, Nickel, Salt, Pepper, Bomb, Marshmallow, Paintbrush, PickleLightbulb, and Balloon.
Balloon Oh come on!
Recapper Lightbulb and Balloon became the team captains, and the animation sucked. (EPISODE TWO) Lightbulb and Balloon picked the teams, Epic and Chicken Leg. Don't ask. Ballon may have been bossy, but Taco's random lemon spitting led the Chicken Legs to victory, and Paper was eliminated. (EPISODE THREE) The contestants had to pelt rocks at each other. Despite Knife's strategy, the Nickel and Baseball power duo, and Lightbulb doing nothing, team Chicken Leg won again and Baseball went bye-bye. (EPISODE FOUR) Balloon tried to take advantage of his alliance with OJ and Bomb during the slingshot challenge. Pickle and Taco defeated the roasted Marshmallow, don't ask, and team Chicken Leg won again. (EPISODE FIVE) Lightbulb was unfairly eliminated and boring golf ball stacking commenced. (EPISODE SIX) The viewers voted off that meanie Knife and the ignoramus Apple joined the game. Nickel's team finally won a challenge, but immediately after, Nickel was swapped out with Lightbulb, who rejoined. (EPISODE SEVEN) Team Chicken Leg voted off that bossy Balloon, and OJ and Bomb reconstructed their alliance to fit in Pickle and Taco, but their team ended up losing because of Salt and Pepper's diet. (EPISODE EIGHT) MePhone4S tried to steal the show from their host, MePhone4, but was defeated. Pepper was eliminated and Salt was sad. (EPISODE NINE) Lightbulb was re-eliminated by one vote and Salt revealed she had a thing for OJ. Marshmallow and Apple had a conflict over the existence of Santa Claus, who turned out to be real. Yeah. (EPISODE TEN) Paper rejoined the game, even though he appeared to have evil problems, and this weird chair enthusiast Bow joined too. Bomb betrayed his friend OJ to win a challenge, and OJ didn't like that. (EPISODE ELEVEN) Both Salt and Paintbrush were eliminated, and OJ quit his alliance including Bomb and joined one with crazy Paper, who won the aquatic challenge. (EPISODE TWELVE) MePhone4 pushed me off a cliff and we quietly settled our case out of court. Oh, and Bomb was eliminated and Marshmallow snapped at everyone. (EPISODE THIRTEEN) The rivals Apple and Marshmallow faced off in an elimination tiebreaker, and Marsh ended up being eliminated. Paper finally faces his evil self during a wrestling challenge, and conquered him using a piano. (EPISODE FOURTEEN) The eliminated contestants try to escape and fail. Apple is eliminated, just before Taco ran out of lemons. While Pickle was trying to help her find more, they inadvertently end up winning the challenge. (EPISODE FIFTEEN) MePhone4S came back to tell 4 someone was coming, but 4 trapped him in a cage before he could finish. Bow was eliminated and put in a rather small box, and OJ finally won a challenge with Paper's help. (EPISODE SIXTEEN) Pickle and Taco had to part ways when Pickle was eliminated, and in a shocking twist, the contestants got to eliminate a second person! After Salt and Pepper broke up as BCFFs over OJ, Paper ended up getting eliminated again, leaving OJ and Taco as the final two competing for the one million dollar prize. (panting) And that's what you missed on Inanimate Insanity.
Baseball Hey Nickel, how's it going?
Nickel Eh, it's going pretty good I guess, except for the fact that we've been in this stupid cage for ​months​!
Baseball Well, it's not that bad.
Marshmallow (walks up to them) Are you kidding me?
Paintbrush (pops out behind Baseball) Yeah, what are you saying, Baseball? It's awful here. I mean, the only thing worse than Idiotic Island-
Paper Aaah-
Paintbrush Oh no!
Everyone Aaaaah!
Paper -choo! Sorry, had to sneeze. But it isn't as bad as I remember.
Baseball Yeah! And plus, we've learned so much from each other over all this time-
MePhone4 Hey, who wants to leave Idiotic Island?
Baseball (kicks Nickel out of the way) Get me out of here!
Nickel (falls down next to Bow's box, which is making creepy noises, and has a hole in it) Eh... (walks off, camera zooms in on Bow's box)
(intro plays)
MePhone4 (talking on phone) I'm telling you, the finale will go fine!
Adam (over phone) Ugh, whatever, just make sure MePhone4S doesn't escape or something...
MePhone4 I may have screwed up in the past, but I assure you, everything will go according to plan. (hangs up, turns to Taco and OJ) Alright you idiots, after over a year of competition, watching their friends and enemies leave one by one, only Orange Juice and Taco are still in the game.
OJ Awesome!
Taco Aooh!
MePhone4 But the million dollar prize can't go to both of you, so in order to decide this, you will compete in one final challenge. The winner of this challenge gets the million, and the loser gets squat.
OJ Oh man. That's rough.
Taco Not even a million squats...
Lightbulb Hey, can we leave this crapfest yet?
MePhone4 Not yet! Sit in the bleachers of the contestant you think will win.
Pickle (sits down in Taco's bleachers) Taco! (everyone else is sitting in OJ's bleachers) Oh...
OJ Wow! Almost everyone here's got my back! Maybe even Balloon!
Balloon No, not really.
OJ Screw you.
MePhone4 Now, the final challenge is what I like to call the master challenge.
Marshmallow Huh? What's that?
MePhone4 It's every contest combined! Just in case you're braini-dead and you've forgotten, the challenges in order are: (takes a deep breath) The Crappy Cliff, Lemon Collecting, Arena of Death, Slingshot Contest, Stacking 3 Golf Balls, Obstacle Course, Candy Collecting, Quicksand Crossing, Christmas Tree Contest, Crossing the Cactus Desert, Find the Coin in the Lake, Crappy Cliff again, Wrestling Contest, Capturing the Eliminated Contestants, and finally, Tile of Terror!
Paintbrush Wow, that's a lot of contests!
MePhone4 It sure is, you unknown gender freak! OJ, for winning the last challenge and having the most fans here, you win a prize! (throws something)
OJ (catches cork and glows for a moment) How is a cork gonna help me?
MePhone4 You'll see! Okay, let's not waste any time, you guys ready?
OJ Good luck, Taco!
Taco (laughs demonically)
MePhone4 Start!
Taco (runs off the Crappy Cliff, lands in the water, and runs to the next challenge)
OJ I can't swim! What do I d-oh. (puts cork on and jumps into the water)
Taco (jumps into lemon trees, spits out the lemons into a basket)
OJ (collects lemons carefully, one falls on his face)
Taco (arrives at Arena of Death, kicks a rock at a cardboard cutout of OJ, moves on)
OJ (slowly carries lemons)
Taco (walks facefirst into slingshot, is catapulted across the gorge)
OJ (jumps onto his side of the Arena of Death, a cardboard cutout of Taco is on the other side)
Pickle (looks through telescope) Taco has a huge lead!
Baseball Wow! You can see all the way over there through that?
Pickle No, but I bet she is.
MePhone4S (walks up to MePhone4) MePhone! We have to sneak out of the island! Now!
MePhone4 Hey! You're not welcome here!
MePhone4S Talk to the hand.
4S's Hand Hello!
MePhone4S Now listen to me very carefully. I'm here to help you, not hurt you! He's going to terminate us! And take the million!
MePhone4 Who?
(screen flashes, MePhone5 appears)
MePhone4S I tried to warn you, you senseless blockhead! It's too late now!
MePhone4 Who is that?
MePhone4S The new MePhone! He's, like, twice as fast! And half an inch taller! Liquid metal technology! You heard me! And nobody saw this coming! Nobody! LAWL!
MePhone4 Why does he want to kill me?
MePhone4S The same reason I was out to terminate you last year!
MePhone5 That's right. We can't have the public watching a show with a MePhone4S in it, let alone a MePhone4. Once I'm done with you two I will retrieve the million dollars, and you can't stop me-
MePhone4S (shoots MePhone5, he falls over) Come with me if you want to live.
MePhone4 What?
MePhone4S Agh! Just come!
Taco (puts the final golf ball on her stack, moves on to the obstacle course. jumps across, climbs up the ladder, falls into the guacamole)
OJ (walks into slingshot, launches self into air)
Taco (picks up candy in mouth, spits out into basket)
OJ Man, I don't even see Taco, and I'm terrible at stacking golf balls!
Taco (spits out extra candy into the quicksand, jumps across, falls into quicksand) Aaaah!
OJ (reaches obstacle course, jumps across, climbs ladder, falls into guacamole, collects candy, reaches Taco) Taco! I finally caught up! And now I'm gonna pass you! And... will stop narrating myself! (reaches other side, Taco wraps tounge around him) Huh? Eww!
MePhone4S (is at the sky elimination area with MePhone4) He'll never find us up here!
MePhone4 So, you're, like, my protector now?
MePhone4S You could say that. It's my mission.
MePhone4 Will you, like, do whatever I tell you to? MePhone says, stand on one foot.
MePhone4S (lifts one leg up, kicks MePhone4 in the face)
MePhone4 Ow!
MePhone4S Don't push me.
MePhone5 (is flying, hand turns into a knife)
Siri Master.
MePhone4S What do you want, Siri?
MePhone5 (flies past, cuts pole holding up elimination area, the other MePhones slide to the edge)
MePhone4S Grab my hand!
4S's Hand Not so hard!
MePhone4S Hold on! (elimination area slides into quicksand)
OJ Huh?
MePhone4S (falling, holding MePhone4's hand) Aaaaah!
(To be concluded 12/1/12...)