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Inanimate Battle
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Country of the series

United States of America




October 19th, 2012

Created by

Adam Katz


Knife (4 times)

  Inanimate Battle is a parody of Inanimate Insanity created by Adam Katz. Every season, a new episode of Inanimate Battle is uploaded.

Season 1

1st: Knife

2nd: Baseball

3rd: Paintbrush

4th: Lightbulb

5th: Taco

6th: Apple

7th: Paper

8th: Bow

9th: Salt

9th: Pepper

11th: OJ

12th: Nickel

13th: Pickle

Season 2

1st: Knife

2nd: Soap

3rd: Trophy

4th: Microphone

5th: Pickle

6th: Fan

7th: Cheesy

8th: Box

9th: Lightbulb

10th: Yin-Yang

11th: Apple

12th: Cherries

Season 3

1st: Knife

2nd: Big Orange Spoon

3rd: Marshmallow

4th: Paper

5th: Knife (Returned)

Season 4

1st: Knife

2nd: Big Orange Spoon

3rd: Twinkie

4th: Pickle

5th: Apple

6th: Cheesy

7th: Eggy

8th: Matza

9th: Paper


  • Knife has won all 4 battles.