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Hotel OJ is the featured article of this month, which means it was considered to be one of the best articles Inanimate Insanity Wiki has to offer, as determined by the contributors.

Hotel OJ is the prize that OJ bought and constructed with his million dollars. It is a large orange hotel, in close shape of OJ, with many windows covering the face in different sizes. It is unknown where it actually is, presumably on the island.


In Breaking The Ice, the hotel is first seen when OJ is walking towards it with groceries. He enters the hotel, where everyone is partying, with the exclusion of Bow, Taco, and Balloon, who continues to sneak into the hotel and vandalize with grafitti. Later, MePhone's airplane crashes into Hotel OJ, creating a huge hole in the side. As the episode continues, the hotel is seen many times in the background, still with the vacant airplane lodged in the side. At the end of the episode, Paper is revealed to have fixed the windows, which have been broken by the plane crash. One window, however, is broken once again by a dodgeball.

Pepper was shown to be still inside Hotel OJ in the Episode 6 Teaser Trailer.

In Everything's A-OJ, Pepper, Salt and Bomb were in a hot tub. All the eliminated contestant inside the closet in the hotel, it was revealed that MePhone4 put them there, OJ sued him for this insolence. All the remaining contestant had to clean it. Test Tube, Fan, Apple, Marshmallow, Lightbulb (because she shattered) and the eliminated contestants didn't clean it. Everyone thought it was a challenge, but OJ revealed that it wasn't. All the eliminated contestants went to the hotel after elimination.


  • In an analyzation done by Joseph H, he calculated Hotel OJ to cost $2,995,984 in theory, nearly triple the amount of OJ's prize.
    • However, upon being corrected by Adam Katz as to the estimated size of the characters on Inanimate Insanity, the revised price was lowered to just under $190,000, well under OJ's million-dollar prize.
    • The video no longer exists.


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