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The Inanimate Insanity Wiki is a collaborative wiki focusing on Inanimate Insanity and Inanimate Insanity II, two seasons of an online animated television series, created by Adam Katz.

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Knife, is a contestant in Inanimate Insanity, competing on Team Epic. He also competes in Inanimate Insanity II and is currently a member of The Grand Slams.

Knife has an extremely destructive and malicious attitude, being much of a bully to victims such as Paper and Marshmallow in particular. He has shown to be lazy in "A Lemony Lesson" where he told Paper they didn't need to compete. He has the ability to cut into things due to his sharp physical nature. However, he was shown to have a soft side in spite of being so traitorous and mean, as he likes the television show Desperate Housewives and Dora Dolls. He also seems to have had a change of heart in season 2 however he is occasionally still found being a jerk.

Knife is the only contestant who knows that Microphone is working with Taco. Despite this Knife has not done anything about it. Knife also takes notice of things others don't such as seeing that Microphone keeps on going away and that Suitcase is quite depressed these days.

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