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Trophy, Box, Dough, Cheesy, Soap, Balloon, Nickel

  The Grand Slams is one of the two opposing teams performing in Inanimate Insanity IIthe other being The Bright Lights. This team was formed in Breaking The Ice, and included the leader, Baseball, along with Microphone, Suitcase, Nickel, Knife, Box, Cheesy, Trophy, Soap and Balloon, and had Dough join, but was eventually eaten by Yin-Yang in the same episode. In Theft and Battery's challenge, Toilet was temporarily a member of the Grand Slams, much to the teams disapproval.

Win Draw Lose
4 1 5
A friendly game of dodgeball, building a rocket and rescuing Marshmallow from Mars, soccer, staying in a haunted house. Escaping The Maze Triathlon (swimming, cycling, and running), baking a pizza, coin toss, getting a battery for MePhone4, bucket brigade.

Current Members

Eliminated Members

Guest Members


In Breaking The Ice, the team was formed due to the order of the contestants that fell to the ice, cold water, with Baseball leading the team and calling it, The Grand Slams. During the real contest, the armless competitors did horrible resulting in only Knife and Microphone remaining. Knife got eliminated due to Microphone's clumsy acts, but this resulted in Microphone using her specialty (being annoyingly loud) to beat the team.


  • There are more males than females in this team, which is unusual for the series.
  • Unlike last season, Lightbulb's team is ahead by one member. However, if Marshmallow is disqualified, then the teams will be tied.
  • This team got a new member, Dough, on their team before he was eaten and couldn't be recovered. Because of this, they are the first team to gain a newbie in the middle of Season 2.
  • The Grand Slams had 1 more person on their team than the Bright Lights because the number of contestants was odd.
  • If Paintbrush is a female, all the male returnees are on this team while all the female returnees are on the Bright Lights.
  • Baseball let Soap be the captain for the Cooking For The Grater Good challenge. On Everything's A-OJ, Microphone nominated Soap for team captain, much to Baseball's dislike.


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