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This article focuses on the interactions between Everyone and Lightbulb.


Lightbulb is a quirky, erratic, and idiosyncratic contestant in Inanimate Insanity. Although she is usually friendly, enthusiastic, vivacious, and bubbly, her quirky and dimwitted attitude can annoy other contestants.


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Although not much interaction revolves around Apple and Lightbulb, they appear to have some reminiscence of friendliness towards each other.

In Breaking The Ice, she and Apple are placed on the same team, but don't interact with each other. Although, when Lightbulb chooses the name for the team, Apple doesn't seem to have objections towards the name, meaning that she agrees with the name suggestion.

In Marsh on Mars, when Marshmallow is sent to Mars, Apple tells Lightbulb Box's actions, meaning that she trusts in Lightbulb to solve the problem. Lightbulb proceeds to throw Box to the calm down corner, and Apple questions Lightbulb if that was too harsh, with Lightbulb disagreeing.


Barely any negative interactions have occurred between these two, but since that nearly everyone holds a grudge against Balloon, she might hate him as well.

In The Crappy Cliff, both of them were picked to be the team captains.

In Breaking The Ice, Balloon slaps Lightbulb due to his annoyance of her because she keeps on rambling on about competing in Season II.

They are placed on different teams, and they have not interacted with each other since.


Lightbulb and Baseball appear to have a friendship with each other.

In A Lemony Lesson, she picks Baseball to be on her team.

In The Great Escape, Baseball follows Lightbulb as she was leader of the escape, but Baseball then sarcastically commented on how she should've said to look down when they fell in the lemon patch.

In The Penultimate Poll, she commented on how Baseball needed to lose his edges when he couldn't fit in the voting booth.

In Breaking The Ice, when she said that she couldn't reach Baseball to win, he sarcastically commented on how he couldn't either. They were also picked as team captains, but they had a little argument on who was gonna choose the teams first.

In Tri Your Best, since they were both team captains, both of them got to sit out for the challenge, and the two of them off-screen went tanning.


Since they were on opposite teams in Season I, and Bomb didn't compete for Season II and Lightbulb did, they have little to no interaction with each other.

In Inanimate Smackdown, at the end she is heard screaming, scared of the incoming bomb which explodes, destroying Idiotic Island.

In The Penultimate Poll, they both voted out for OJ, but in the Journey Through Memory Lane, they both sided with OJ.