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Lightbulb is eliminated.

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Bomb votes for Balloon to be eliminated.

Elimination Time! is at the beginning or end of most episodes, one member of either Team Epic or Team Chickenleg must leave the team and be sent to Idiotic Island. It is referred to by MePhone4S as "the elimination thing". There are two types of eliminations: contestant elimination and viewer elimination.

This event is called Elimination Time. It normally contains a logo that simply, happily, and ironically announced through a song, the line "Elimination Time!". On one occasion, it was modified for a contestant to rejoin the game, and temporarily renamed "Rejoining Time!". The song is very short, with the only lyrics being the contestants screeching "Elimination Time!" and someone singing "dah-dah!"

The Basics

When one of the competing teams loses the challenge, they are commonly put up for elimination. The contestants who are not eliminated, will receive a prize, the person with the most votes will be punched by the Fist Thingy, which will send them to Idiotic Island, where all the other eliminated contestants await.

Contestant Elimination

Used in A Lemony Lesson, The Arena of Death and brought back in Sugar Rush and Inanimate Smackdown, contestant elimination is when the members of the team vote which member of the team will leave. Mostly due to causing failure, or relationships, characters will be voted out based on the other members themselves. In Inanimate 

Final elimination

At the final elimination

Smackdown, a voting box was introduced where the contestants recorded their votes inside a tiny booth.

Viewer Elimination

Introduced in the end of One-Shot Wonder, and continued in further episodes, viewer elimination is based off votes from the viewers. Fans must type in a comment for which character they want to be eliminated.

Viewer elimination is the most unpredictable, while contestant elimination can be predicted based upon whom each character seems to dislike. Yet, viewer elimination can be predicted if a fan counts an unofficial count of the votes in the comment section, though it will not necessarily be right.


In viewer voting, pictures appear with contestants up for elimination. In this case, Pepper would be up for elimination.

Very often, in fact, inaccurate tallies will be posted, some of which were close but incorrect, and others that are far off and seemingly completely made up to fool other viewers. Fake voters have previously been identified, resulting in their votes being removed from the tally, although this is never mentioned in the actual series itself. Misspelled votes also at one point were not counted, but now are.


  • The song is not used for Inanimate Insanity II.
    • This is noted in Season 2 when Balloon states he can't "wait to hear the Elimination Time theme again!", much to his disappointment when he hears that it's not being used.

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