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This is a page about dual personalities. If you were looking for Yin-Yang, labelled The Dual Personality, you can go here.


3 of the characters in this show so far have dual personalities, meaning 2 personalities. The following characters have dual personalities:



Episode 11: Evil Paper yells at Marshmallow.

Paper's evil personality started in episode 5.5 when he said when he got out of Idiotic Island, he was going to kill somebody, even though Baseball told him to calm down.

In Double Digit Desert, he kept saying he was going to rejoin, which was true. When he was set free, he flew down and smashed Balloon, who was floating down due to him having helium inside him. When MePhone4 asked him what he was doing, he converted into his evil form, which had a different face. He made a reference to episode 5.5 which was when he said when he got out of Idiotic Island, he was going to kill someone, which was Balloon.

In Aquatic Conflict, when Marshmallow threw the ball at him, Paper called Marsh an idiot, and she should die for throwing the ball at him, but quickly afterwards, he says he felt great. During the challenge, OJ made a mistake, reminding Paper of Idiotic Island, in which Evil Paper's response was "Get the hell out of my boat!" and threw OJ out of the boat causing him to turn blue because now he was filled with water. Later, when Marshmallow was about to win, his evil self triggered again causing him to get out a fishing rod, pulling Marsh away from the finish, stole the coin from her, and won. According to him, when he converts into his evil self, he does not have control, and does not know what is going on.

In Crappy Anniversary, very little of his evil self was triggered, the only time it was showed was when he was jumping off the cliff, and when he said he hates the world. He then fell into the elephant feces.

In Inanimate Smackdown OJ tries to help him figure out what was causing his evil problems when OJ asked him if he had it before he went to Idiotic Island, in which Evil Paper responds, saying that OJ is going to die. He then grabs a chair, almost smashes OJ with, before he smashes the chair. OJ then says Evil Paper is triggered by the words Idiotic Island, in which Evil Paper asks OJ "What did you call me!?" Later, during the elimination he asks himself who should be the next to go to Idiotic Island shortly afterwards his evil self triggers proving that even himself can trigger his evil form.His evil form then votes for OJ then he later apoligizes to OJ but OJ says it's ok and that OJ understands. During the challenge, he rips Pickle in half and proceeds to the next round. When he tries to explain to Bow that he has problems, Bow rudely interupts him by smashing him with a chair. When Apple keeps repeating the words Idiotic Island - which she says "is fun" - Paper switches between evil and normal, until he faints. Inside his head, Evil Paper tells Paper his troubles will end. Evil Paper knocks him down to the ground, telling him to give him the key that will open his mind in which Paper tells Evil Paper he will give him 88 keys. Finally, he smashed Evil Paper with a piano, and wakes up from his disaster. MePhone4 was in a middle of a call, but when he sees Paper, he tells him that Taco destroyed Bow in the arena. Apple then says "Idiotic Island", then he realizes his evil self was destroyed.


Evil Bow

Episode 18: Evil Bow revealed!

Bow evil personality occured shortly after she was eliminated, when she was placed into her box.

In Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 1), her box was shown with a hole inside it meaning she escaped her box.In Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 2), she was proved she escaped her box putting up a fight with Taco, making a pinkish purple aura around their fight. When Bow was flinged toward the bleachers, Marsh showed her a chair, causing her to return to normal, but only for a couple seconds, when she said chairs were last year, and smashed it even though it was never shown on screen that Bow gave Marsh a chair. Later, Marsh trapped Bow in another box. When she escaped, Bow tried to kill MePhone5, she did acomplish that, but also killing MePhone4 and herself.


Yin-Yang's evil personality was triggered right at the start and has been there ever since except for Tri Your Best when they split. Yin and Yang have argued over several different things.In episode 3 Yin confessed to Test Tube that he cant stand his evil attachment, Yang, resulting in Test Tube making them drink Experiment 626 which detached them. Only later toward the end of the episode does Yin tell Test Tube that someone has to control Yang's anger, resulting in them drinking an antidote. In Let 'Er R.I.P., Yin-Yang was eliminated when the two had one last fight onscreen causing them to fight until they landed into the Rejection Portal.

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