The Courtroom is a location first seen in the episode "Everything's A-OJ". It is where the case of "The People of Hotel OJ vs. MePhone4" took place.


The room itself is a large single courtroom with several rows of seats for spectators. In the back of the room, a raised desk, known as a bench, is where Judge Gavel sits to listen to the trial. On one side of the bench, there is another podium for witness speeches. Additionally, there is a jury box on one side of the room where the Hotel OJ residents were seated. The room also has an exit leading to an unknown location, as well as a second exit where MePhone4 was taken through, eventually taken to the jail.


  • The exact location of this courtroom is unknown. In fact, it's not even confirmed if it is located on The Island.
    • If it is not located on The Island, then this is the first time the contestants actually leave The Island since their arrival on the island when Inanimate Insanity and Inanimate Insanity II started.

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